Arizona Online Charter High School Students Take Over Edgenuity!

Arizona Online Charter High School students visit Edgenuity

Arizona online charter high school students at Hope High School Online had the opportunity to visit Edgenuity offices to see how our school’s curriculum is created. It was a top-notch field trip packed with fun and learning! Who knew what all went into creating our students’ classes?

Edgenuity CEO Made Our Students Feel Like VIP’s

First Stop: Swag! On the table, they had a backpack for every student filled with Edgenuity swag! After everyone was settled in, one of the most important people in the company walked in: the CEO Sari Factor! I was personally impressed that the CEO made time in her day to meet and greet our Arizona online charter high school students. She took time to tell them about new features that would be coming out along with hearing feedback from our students. I was so impressed that she devoted so much time to our students to actually hear them out and be open to the feedback! With smiles on their faces and with a sense of purpose, the students were ready for their next activity!

Learning Architects for Arizona Online Charter High School Students

Learning Architect: What is a learning architect you might ask? Our online students ArizonaArizona Online Charter High School students and a green screenquickly learned the importance of this role at Edgenuity! The learning architect designs a roadmap for the classes ensuring that all of the classes are aligned properly to the state standards. They make sure that the lessons, activities, and assessments are appropriate and engaging! HHSO students had a lot of great questions to ask about the process which helped them to better understand why their classes are the way they are!

The Edgenuity Tour

Arizona Arizona Online Charter High School photo shootThe Tour: Who wouldn’t want to check out where the action takes place? Arizona online charter high school students at Hope High School Online were first guided to one of the green rooms where all filming takes place. There was even a teacher in action being filmed. Students were also given the opportunity to play the role of a teacher themselves! Behind the camera, they were teaching lessons. While some realized their role might be in front of the camera, others realized it would be behind the camera. The intriguing life of a director or producer interested them!

An Unforgettable Experience

All in all, our students, parents, and staff experienced an unforgettable tour and learned about the incredible process of creating curriculum and how much goes into their classes!  If you are interested in finding out how your Arizona high school student can benefit from attending Hope High School Online, reach out today.  CLICK HERE to send an e-mail, and we will get right back to you!