Want More Parental Involvement? Our Online High School AZ School Offers Great Options!

online high school AZ parent involvement in Arizona high school at home

Parental Involvement is a Key to Academic Success

At Hope High School Online, we believe that parental involvement in high school education is a key to academic success. As a matter of fact, research indicates that when parents are involved, students are more likely to earn higher grades, score higher on tests, and enroll in higher level programs. They are also more likely to be promoted, pass their classes, and earn credits. And perhaps most importantly, when parents are involved, students have a higher graduation rate and higher rate of going on to secondary education. So, if you are looking for a good, accredited online high school AZ based to provide the opportunity for Arizona high school at home, we are all for it!

Parents Play a Key Role at Hope High School Online

Parents play a key role in the Hope High School Online student success plan. Parent/teacher communication is encouraged. Every week our parents receive feedback on how their student is progressing. Parents who want to offer Arizona high school at home can use our award winning curriculum to help their students succeed. Additionally, our online high school AZ scheduling options promote flexibility for both parents and students. We believe quality learning time is more valuable than a clock measuring sitting at a desk. We know that the best learning takes place when students are focused and attentive.

We Offer a Personalized, Student Centered Approach

Our teachers and staff create personalized learning plans, offer flexible scheduling, and provide attentive, hands on support to help insure student success. At our online high school AZ parents appreciate our personal student centered approach. In fact, it is the very same reason why they want to be involved in their student’s education - they believe it provides the very best opportunity for their student to succeed.

Parents Agree That Hope High School Online is Transformational

At Hope High School Online, we are excited that parents want more involvement with their student’s education! We believe that our online high school AZ parents would agree that Hope High School Online is a great choice for a transformational high school experience that both students and parents enjoy.

While learning is online, there are still many opportunities for students to experience positive interactions, including clubs, field trips, sports, and even dances. Parents are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities as well.

Source: Southwest Educational Development Laboratory