At Our Arizona Online High School, Your Learning Style Matters

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Are you attending virtual high school in Arizona? If so, it’s important that you know your learning style to help you succeed. There are a few basic learning styles – auditory, tactile, and visual. If you are an auditory learner, it means you understand instructions and new information best when you hear it. If you are tactile, you need to experience what you are learning. For example, you need to take notes when you are listening or reading. If you are visual, you learn best from seeing – reading instructions and new information is the best way for you to learn.

Once you have identified your learning style, there are some other tips to help you succeed with online high school. For example, if you are an auditory learner, you need to be in a place where there is not other sound distractions – loud music, people talking, etc. If you are a tactile learner, you need to make sure you are prepared with what you need to interact with what you are learning, whether it is a pen and notebook, designing posters, or even just typing notes on your computer. If you are a visual learner, make sure you have good light. You can also create visual displays like graphs or charts to help you see and remember key concepts.

The Good News at an Online High School is that You Create Your Own Learning Space

Because you are not in a traditional classroom, you can customize your learning space to match your personal style. Remember to customize it around your learning style. Another idea to consider is whether you learn best alone, or in a group. Just because you attend online high school doesn’t mean you always have to study alone. Whether you meet up with other students, go to the office to study, or create a Google hangout online, there are lots of ways to study in a group.

Are You Creative, Analytical, or a Little of Both?

A right brained person is more creative and artistic, while a left brained person is more factual and relies more on logic. It is possible to be one of the lucky ones to be gifted with a bit of both! If you are a right brained creative, it’s better for you to learn new concepts by starting with a big picture overview, then go step by step through the content. If you are a left brained factual person, you will learn better if you follow a logical progression through the content, so that you can see how each concept builds upon the other. Another benefit of online high school is that you don’t sit in a lecture style format – you can consume the information in the way that helps you understand it the best.

Aren’t You Glad You Have More Freedom to Express Your Own Learning Style?

We hope you really enjoy all of the benefits of Arizona online high school – free curriculum, a lot of teacher support, AND the freedom to personalize your own learning experience. If you put into practice the tips in this blog, you will find that you are really learning the content, not just memorizing it for a test and forgetting it the next day.

And, of course, the teachers and staff at Hope High School Online are all committed to your success, not just in high school, but in life! Don’t ever hesitate to reach out if you need help.

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