Eliminating Stress from Big Projects and Big Tests at an Arizona Online School

Arizona online high school, eliminating stress at Arizona virtual high school

As a high school student, regardless of whether you attend an Arizona online high school or a ground campus, big projects and tests are an inevitable part of the high school experience.  You are being prepared to succeed in life, not just high school, and both college and jobs require successful project completion and testing.  What is not inevitable is stressing out the last 48 hours before the project is due or the test date has arrived.

How Do You Eliminate the Stress, You Ask?

The first stress eliminator is to begin with the due date and work backwards.  For example, if your teacher assigns a project and gives you three weeks to complete it, your first step is mark the due date in your calendar.  Then, look at what the project requirements are.  Does it require research?  Testing?  And then reporting?  If this were the case, you could break the project into three portions, giving each portion 7 days to complete. Lastly, mark a deadline on your calendar.  By breaking the project up into smaller, more attainable goals, it is not so overwhelming. You also will feel accomplished at the end of each deadline and not experience stress out at the end.

Testing at an Online High School in Arizona

The above example can apply to testing as well.  Because you are an online high school student, your tests will naturally be online.  Most likely, your calendar is also online.  So, look at what content the test covers, break it into natural study sections or chapters, and then give yourself deadlines for each section.  Then, 48 hours before the test, give yourself study time to refresh what you studied at the very beginning.  By the time you arrive at the test, you will be prepared and confident.

Procrastination Only Causes Stress

If you are someone who puts stuff off because it’s too stressful, take note that you really are only putting off being stressed out.  If you don’t study, and fail your test, showing your parents a failing grade is probably going to stress you out.  At an online school like Hope High School Online, you don’t have to log in at a specific time, but you do have to complete your weekly hours on time.  If this is a problem for you, try breaking your school hours into sections just like the above example for tests or projects. Put the small sections of school time on your calendar, and complete them one day at a time.  At the end of the week you can enjoy your weekend without the stress of cramming.

Exercise Can Help

Because you go to high school online, you don’t have to take PE classes.  But your body still needs exercise.  Exercise is also a great way to reduce stress.  And, it’s the same drill – break it up into little sections. You could exercise 15 minutes two or three times a day.  Take a great walk, do some push ups, and then take another great walk.  Help your folks and walk the dog.  You will feel healthier which will also help you study better.

We hope these tips for success help.  And know that the teachers and staff at Hope High School Online are standing by, ready to help you succeed.  Just ask!

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