Are All Arizona Online High Schools the Same?


Simply put, no. Not all Arizona online high schools are the same. The similarity is that students are able to complete their classes in the online modality, but the approach to education at Arizona public online high schools can look different depending on the school. Check out some of the biggest differences below.

How Does Enrollment Work at Arizona Public Online High Schools?

Ongoing Enrollment: Some Arizona online high schools require that all incoming students start on their schedule. Some enroll every two weeks while others it is every week. At Hope High School Online, we enroll daily. Students do not have to wait to enroll or start classes once their enrollment paperwork is complete. They can get started right away!

What About Attendance at Arizona Public Online High Schools?

Daily Check-ins: Part of the reason that students choose to attend Arizona online high schools is for the flexibility. Students can log in from wherever they are and at whatever hours they choose. All Arizona public online high schools have a minimum number of hours required for attendance; however, students choose when and where. There are Arizona online high schools that require daily check-ins with teachers which can be difficult for some students given their life circumstances and daily activities. Hope High School Online does not require daily check-ins, but provides multiple opportunities for students and staff to interact.

How is Attendance Tracked at Arizona Online High Schools?

Automated Time Trackers: At Hope High School Online, students are able to log into their online courses and their time and progress are automatically tracked within the system. Some Arizona online high schools require that parents fill out daily or weekly time logs demonstrating the amount of time their student(s) are spending in their courses. Many Hope High School Online parents are happy to report that they do not have to remember to do this daily. Our system tracks and reports that time so that our school is always aware of our students’ accurate attendance.

Are Students Still in Classes at Arizona Public Online High Schools?

Asynchronous Learning: Some Arizona online high schools enroll students in classes with other online students. They work through the material weekly at the same pace. Many students aren’t comfortable with this model, hoping that at Arizona public online high schools they could go at a faster pace if they choose. Some students want to get ahead and graduate early. Asynchronous learning also provides Hope High School Online students with the individualized support that is sometimes needed. Teachers individualize their support per student because the classes are asynchronous and students are able to get the targeted help that they need.

Shopping around for an online school can be challenging to ensure that you find the right fit for your situation. Knowing the differences between online schools is essential to finding the best online school for you!  Find out more about the differences.  Download our free info kit HERE, use live chat on our website, e-mail us HERE, or give us a call at  602-663-8496.  We’d love to help!