Working Towards Higher Education After Arizona Online High School

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Does your student dream about going to college and need help reaching that dream? The teachers and staff at Hope High School Online understand the struggles students can face on the path to college. We are committed to providing the personalized support your student needs to succeed. At Hope High School Online, we have created … Read more

Arizona Public Online School Where Hope Changes Everything

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Hope: It Changes Everything at Our Arizona Public Online School How many of us have run into stumbling blocks in our lives? How many of these obstacles have almost been paralyzing…..have they shook life as you knew it causing confusion, sadness, fear, disappointment, and stagnation? Most of us have experienced something like this in our … Read more

Are All Arizona Online High Schools the Same?

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  Simply put, no. Not all Arizona online high schools are the same. The similarity is that students are able to complete their classes in the online modality, but the approach to education at Arizona public online high schools can look different depending on the school. Check out some of the biggest differences below. How … Read more

The Differences Between Arizona Homeschool for High School and Arizona High School at Home

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Is There a Difference Between Arizona Homeschool for High School and Arizona High School at Home? Brick and Mortar, public, private, charter, and home-school are just some of the different schooling options students have here in Arizona. We are lucky to have so many choices for our students. Hope High School Online is of course … Read more

Top Three Mistakes Arizona Online Public High School Students Make

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Arizona Online Public High School is Growing in Popularity Arizona online public high school is quickly becoming an increasingly popular option for students seeking something less traditional than the average local high school. Enticed by the flexibility and pacing of an Arizona online public high school, students are making the switch. But before making the … Read more

Free Arizona Online High School Benefits Students with Personal Health or Family Flexibility Needs

Many Arizona high school students struggle with the pressures of rigid scheduling and challenging environments at traditional brick and mortar high schools. Whether it is health, social pressure, work schedule, or family flexibility needs, a free Arizona online high school maybe just the solution. Brick and mortar high schools and traditional learning environments are just not … Read more

State Testing at Arizona Public Online High School

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How is state testing handled at an Arizona public online high school? The answer is extremely carefully! State testing really does present certain and obvious obstacles for an Arizona public online school. In a “regular” school, high school students simply come to school and take the state assessments. You might be wondering how this works … Read more