The Differences Between Arizona Homeschool for High School and Arizona High School at Home

Arizona homeschool for high school; Arizona high school at homeIs There a Difference Between Arizona Homeschool for High School and Arizona High School at Home?

Brick and Mortar, public, private, charter, and home-school are just some of the different schooling options students have here in Arizona. We are lucky to have so many choices for our students. Hope High School Online is of course an online high school.  We have parents and students who are not sure exactly what the differences are between Arizona homeschool for high school and Arizona high school at home. They are very different and it is important to understand the differences so that students are able to find the right fit!

Arizona Homeschooling for High School is an Increasing Popular Option

Many families have found that this is an excellent fit for them. Students can learn from the curriculum their parents choose and in the environment they choose. Parents can find the curriculum that they feel best meets their needs and even monitor their students’ learning. Although the curriculum can come at a hefty price sometimes, parents and children are able to create strong bonds while working around a flexible schedule. They are also able to provide their students with individual and personal interactions that they might not find in a large classroom. As a result of choosing Arizona homeschooling for high school, some families have also found that they are able to plan family vacations with a bit more flexibility while others have found it gives their children the opportunity to develop interests, talents, and hobbies outside of school.

Exactly What Are The Differences between Arizona Homeschooling for High School and Arizona High School at Home?

They both take place at home, right? If that’s the case, they must be the same! This can be a common misconception. One option for Arizona high school at home is an online school. Hope High School Online is an online schooling option, but it is different than homeschooling. While many benefits are the same, there are some differences. Hope High School Online allows students the flexibility to log in to their online curriculum at anytime, anywhere; however, there are minimum attendance requirements required by state law for Arizona high school at home. This requirement is helpful as it helps students to have accountability so that they finish courses on time and do not push back graduation dates.

Because Hope High School Online is a free, public charter school, students are still required to take state assessments. Although testing can present specific challenges, the information is extremely valuable in showing students, parents, and educators all they have learned. Attending an online school also yields the same benefits as Arizona homeschool for high school when it comes to family interactions/time, developing outside interests, and creating lasting bonds; however, it is free unlike homeschool curriculum. Online schools also have teachers who are available to support student learning. This added layer of support is helpful for students in mastering content and parents who desire additional expertise and support.

With so many choices out there, it is important to do research and be informed to find the right choice for your children and family.  And of course, please feel free to contact us directly by phone or e-mail HERE.