Brain Power From Brain Food To Be a Successful Student at Home

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To be a successful student at home we all know how important it is to nourish our bodies with healthy foods. What about feeding our brains to enhance academic performance? When a student is enrolled in online high school, learning from the comfort of their own home, they can set up a healthy and beneficial mealtime schedule and menu. Hope High School Online encourages our students to take advantage of the non-traditional setting of school from home and plan a schedule that best fits them both physically and mentally.

Importance of Meal Time

At a traditional high school campus, the bell rings, students race to the cafeteria, and can wait up to 15 minutes in lines to get their lunch. This leaves students anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to eat the entire lunch that is supposed to nourish them for the rest of the school day. If the student is not packing their lunch every day to avoid this, they can be left in this routine every day for their mealtime. A typical lunch from the cafeteria is cheese pizza, canned fruit, tater tots and ketchup, dessert item, and milk. Because of these food options, students who regularly eat school lunch are 30% more likely to be obese.

Now imagine eating when hungry, making a healthy meal you actually want to eat, and doing this all in your own kitchen. Instead of the typical 5 to 10-minute lunch students have in a traditional high school setting, a student enrolled in Arizona online high school can take the time to enjoy a nutritious lunch that will benefit their academic performance.

In a 2017 study, nutritionists studied the importance of the amount of time a student has for their lunch. When students had more than 25 minutes to eat their lunch, they finished significantly more of their entrees, vegetables, and milk than students who had less than 20 minutes to eat. This shows how important it is to set up healthy eating habits for students to be successful at home. In a school from a home setting, a student can do just that. Whether a student wants to have a set schedule for their day or go more with the flow of each day, healthy eating habits can be made a priority every day.

Brain Food for Brain Power

There are delicious foods and snacks that can give our brains a little boost of brainpower and memory. Keeping your mind in peak working condition can help memory and concentration. This improves a student’s focus and active engagement in the learning process. Students enrolled in Arizona online high school can have healthy snacks readily available as an excellent way to encourage lifelong healthy eating habits.

These 9 foods are fantastic brain food and easy snacks to have around to keep a student’s brain healthy and working hard – and as a successful student at home.

Blueberries | Broccoli | Oranges | Green Tea | Coffee | Pumpkin Seeds | Nuts | Dark Chocolate | Eggs

Lots of antioxidants in a daily diet protects the brain against damage and supports the brain’s health. This boosts alertness, memory, and mood. Adding these foods into your daily diet can help you perform better on tests, improve memory when studying, and provide more energy to stay alert throughout school time.

There is an added bonus of incorporating these foods into a healthy diet. Research shows that they create a positive effect on mood. A healthy diet, good study habits, and positive attitude towards learning can all work together to increase academic success.

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