Brawny Brains Go A Long Way At Our Free Online High School

Brawny Brains Go A Long Way At Our Free Online High School. I just learned that when people get smarter, their brains actually grow. Like a muscle.

I also learned the more you know, the more you can know. Nerve cells in the brain seem to be very social; they like to mingle. And, if you really give them a chance to get to know each other, they procreate (loosely speaking). So, the more you learn, the more you get a smarter, bigger brain that has more capacity to learn!

I also learned the more you know, the more you can know …The more you learn, the more you get a smarter,
a bigger brain that has more capacity to learn!

Practice what you don’t already know

The trick, however, is to practice what you don’t already know. Just like that sweet old lady you see at the gym looking exactly the same as last year, lifting the same 5-pound dumbbell, your brain will look exactly the same as last year if you are mentally lifting the same algorithm or cadenza with your free online high school classes.

Until recently, I believed my ability to learn was finite. If I did not understand how to find the area of a rectangle, there was no use trying to figure it out. Hey online high school students, does that sound familiar to you? No matter what I did, from keyboarding words to memorizing lines, my brain capacity was fixed, and I must accept that I will never be smart or talented.

This is a common mindset. And it is the wrong one. Physiologically, literally, scientifically-proven-ly: Wrong. All brains can exponentially learn. Yes, even your brain that is right now perplexed, while you are sitting down at your computer, working on your online high school class, trying to solve that math problem.

Have you ever been around people with an accent or a tone of voice or a way of speaking, and suddenly you find yourself with the same accent or tone or voice? This is also common – it’s the mirror neurons in your brain mimicking the other person.

Imperative to Choose Your Surroundings

This is why it’s imperative to choose our surroundings wisely, especially if you are doing your online high school classes at home, in your room. Humans will mirror the people they hang out with, listen to, seek advice from. They can’t help it.

Why you need to know this is because it was someone else’s mirror neurons that caused a shift in my thinking. I decided to honor and value something in someone else that caused me to want to hang out with them; learn from them; grow in their way. That they were willing to share their energy in such a way to teach me a limitless mindset could very well be a lesson that changes the world.

Maybe your brain is ready to grow. Maybe you’re ready to help someone else’s brain grow. There’s a lot that you can do to help yourself while you get through your online high school classes and Hope High School Online can definitely support you. Not only will your brain grow but you’ll also build a relationship with your Academic Coach or Teacher and in turn, their brain will grow. It’s like a two for one deal.

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