When The Online High School Shoe Fits

I remember learning networking techniques back in my 20s. Things like etiquette for shaking hands (firm, but not too hard, and definitely not too long), and where’s the best place to stand in the room to initiate a conversation? (at the end of the buffet, and definitely not at the beginning).

Avoid the question, “What do you do?” because people want to be known for more than how they earn a paycheck. Feeling like I should agree. Meaning, I hated saying I was a waitress or a front desk person at a gym. An actress, a writer, a teacher, a friend. I just didn’t earn any money doing it. Just like right now for you. If you are going to high school, even an online high school, do you tell people you are a high school student? Or an online high school student?

Aspiring Entrepreneur?

What if you were to say “I’m an aspiring entrepreneur or better yet a lifelong learner in training.” Being an online high school student certainly isn’t a bad thing. What is even better is to take it one step further and verbalize where you see your future self. It helps you focus on the relevancy of online high school now and creates the path on how you can design your life into the future.

Find the Right Online School!

Now back to the “What do you do?” question. Overall, however, not asking someone what they do because they might be offended seemed unrealistic. Especially when talking to the people who are standing in the shoes they prepared to wear all their lives; the people who actually studied something, or climbed something to reach the place where they could talk to you at this networking event.

Once that I’ve aligned my work view with my life view, nothing lights me up more than talking about what I do. Looking back, waiting tables and answering phones was pretty aligned with my life view. I just needed some coaching to see hope in it. Ask yourself about your current situation and how your work or online high school view aligns with your life view. Do you see any relevancies or relationships between the two? 

Aligning your work or online high school view with your life view frees you to do whatever, and be motivated and proud of your decisions—even if it’s not exactly what you’re passionate about right now.

When you align your work or online high school view with your life view -no matter where you’re standing now- what you do will be exciting and aspiring and promising.

Consider your work or online high school view and your life view are aligned, the strategy to the shoes you want to wear at a networking event is like the line to the antipasti spread: it moves one small step a time, it doesn’t veer too much to the right or to the left, and eventually, it fills your belly.

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