Creating a Positive Environment For Your Arizona Online School Student

Arizona Online School

As a parent of an Arizona online school student, do you ever wonder how you can help them be the most successful student? We can help! Setting up a positive learning environment for your student can give them the essentials to learn more deeply, feel more confident, and set up healthy habits for their future. We want to see all of our students succeed. With help from our parents and students, we can set up the best learning environment for our students and see the remarkable things they accomplish.

How Parents Can Help Their Students Be Learning Masters as an Arizona Online Student 

Teenagers may never admit to this, but they thrive from your love and affection, including how you articulate how proud you are of them. If your Arizona online student is struggling in a course, or school in general, celebrate the little day to day victories of work completed, assignments submitted on time, etc. to help them gain confidence. Below are some tips to help your student gain confidence:

  • Showcase good grades or assignments they received on a fridge, or somewhere in the home. This can serve as a constant reminder that they can do it and that you are right alongside them, supporting them.
  • Provide supportive feedback or praise. Use the “sandwich” technique if they need correction.  This means you “sandwich” the correction in between two positive comments. Every student will experience tough times and doubt themselves. With a parent building them back up when they are down, they can find the confidence to succeed. 
  • Comfort your student when they seem stressed, irritated, or overwhelmed. A thirty-second hug could change your student’s entire demeanor. A hug, pat on the back, or reassuring touch provide the positive reinforcement to remind your student that everything will be ok.
Arizona Online School

Planning Out a Clean and Functional Learning Space Can Take Your Student’s Learning to the Next Level 

Most teenagers are messy, and when learning from the comfort of home at Arizona online school, they may forget the responsibility to keep their learning space in tip-top shape. With a little extra help from a parent or guardian, your student can see the importance of a clean work station.  

  • Let your student set up their school space. The more it feels like them, the more comfortable they will be in it. And, they may make an extra effort to keep their area clean when they are happy with their space. 
  • Remind your student to remove any clutter or trash after their online school session. A simple reminder can motivate the student to keep their learning environment clean. Eventually it will be a part of their daily routine. 
  • Make healthy snacks for your student during their school time, or keep them readily available for your Arizona online school student to grab. Prepared healthy snacks will give them some excellent brainpower, and help instill healthy eating habits. Read more about brain foods HERE.
  • Establish rules and consequences if your student doesn’t complete their school session, study time, or assignments. Teenagers never welcome discipline, but with a set of rules and repercussions to fall back on, students are aware of what happens if online school work is not completed and are being trained about how the world really works.

We Love To Work Alongside Parents To Make Student’s Future Dreams Come True

Our virtual high school provides an intentionally safer, more positive environment for students. Arizona online school from home allows students to learn without distraction at the pace they are most comfortable with. Also important is the ample support from the caring teachers and staff at Hope High School Online. The safety and comfort of home is an excellent place to work hard for the future.  Online learning is truly modern learning, training your student for higher education success as a result of the plethora of college online learning opportunities. Our Arizona online school offers flexible scheduling for students who need to work or want to work faster than possible in a standard academic setting.

If you are interested in our accredited, free Arizona online high school, download the Hope High School Online info kit HERE. Contact us by e-mail HERE, send us a text at 602-663-8496, or call us at 602-906-4846. We offer an award-winning curriculum, a safe environment, we support students and families, and our students succeed! Find out more information about Hope High School Online HERE!