Reading For Fun Can Improve Your Grades

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When was the last time you read a book you enjoyed, just for fun? By the time students turn fifteen, reading for fun becomes rare. Independent reading helps improve academic focus and grades in Arizona online high school. A recent study discovered that students who read for fun daily show significant improvements in grades for English, history, science, and significantly in math. Are you struggling in a course at school or want to experience imagination again? Pick a good book and start reading! 

A Study on Fun Reading Shows How it Benefits Students of All Kinds 

Sixty-five high school juniors at a Texas high school were examined over a nine-week period to discover the improvements fun reading can have on their education. Students’ socioeconomics, average grades, and involvement in school were all measured in the study. Having access to books and utilizing this access is what set the students apart in grade improvement. The study found that no matter what kind of student, regardless of background, reads for fun for thirty minutes a day can improve grades. 

Visit Local Libraries or Begin to Grow Your Own Library to Improve Education

Local libraries are the best way to explore your reading options. There is a seemingly endless variety of books available to you at a library. At the library, you can explore different styles of writing, genres, and levels of reading difficulty. You can also begin to grow your own library by collecting the books you enjoy most. Visit thrift stores or used book stores to collect your favorite affordable books. Daily life is filled with so much technology that our minds can lose the art of creativity and imagination. Grow your imagination by making fun reading a priority.   Because your online school schedule is flexible, you can explore opportunities like this to improve your learning and grades!

Find a Book That Speaks to You For Better Grades at Arizona Online High School

Check out some of the best selling books for teens HERE. Find a book that you will really enjoy. You read about history, math, science, and English all day. Take some time to find something that is enjoyable for you. Once a book “hooks you in,” you unconsciously and involuntary improve your educational skills and tendencies. Language skills, reading skills, vocabulary, grammar, writing style, and spelling all improve when finding a good book to get lost in. 

Hope High School Online Wants You to Succeed as a Continuing Learner 

Reading for fun can make all the difference in your educational career, and creates the benefit of raising your grades in preparation for your future. Not only does it improve your grades in online high school in Arizona, but forming this habit now will benefit your college, work career, and successful lifestyle in adulthood. 

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