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How do you know if you could be more successful by learning at your own pace? High school students from many different walks of life find learning at their own pace allows them to be a more successful student. Hope High School Online in Arizona offers a flexible learning schedule that allows you to adjust your schedule to fit school into your life. The self-paced, flexible, and personalized learning environment at our award-winning online high school in Arizona will equip you to become a champion of your learning. 

2019 Graduates Share Their Stories Learning at our Arizona Online High School 

Some of our very own Hope High School Online Arizona graduates have shared their stories about how flexible learning helped them become better students. Are you bored in a traditional classroom and need a faster learning pace? Or do you need flexibility in your school schedule to have time for other responsibilities? Learn why these 2019 graduates choose Hope High School Online in Arizona:   


Layla was the 2019 valedictorian at Hope High School Online in Arizona. She wanted a flexible school schedule to travel and work. She was able to work at her own pace and be challenged at the same time. HHSO supported Layla every step of the way through her academic journey. Watch Layla’s story HERE


Amy found Hope High School Online when she needed an online high school that gave her flexibility when she was experiencing complications in her pregnancy. What HHSO offered accommodated Amy’s needs and provided the support she needed to succeed. Watch Amy’s story HERE


Jared started at Hope High School Online in his junior year. He needed flexibility with his busy schedule balancing school, work, and relationships. HHSO helped Jared make his schedule work into his life. He had access to help or assistance whenever he needed it. Learning at HHSO helped prepare Jared for college. He wants to become an engineer! Watch Jared’s story HERE

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Hope High School Online is Committed to Your Success

Did you know that 4 out of 5 of our students go on to higher education? And that many of them came to us struggling? We are 100% committed to your success – because we know you are more than just a test score. At Hope High School Online, we find ways to help you succeed! Visit us HERE for more tips on how to improve your Arizona online high school education.

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