Love and Logic: Winning the Battle Without Losing Your Mind

Love & Logic Wins!

One of the biggest hurdles facing our educational system, whether public or private, is the matter of classroom management. Because we are in a season of ever-changing social mores, children are growing up and being taught how to act from many different lists of standards. What was a typical classroom expectation in prior generations now is ineffective or inappropriate? Needless to say, parenting and teaching have become increasingly difficult. We need a game-changer to help us with this daunting task and Love and Logic is a strategy focused on providing support for teachers or parents.

What is Love and Logic?

Love and Logic is a philosophy giving adults the power and skills to instruct children under their care. By providing tools to both the adults and children, Love and Logic allows the lines of communication to open up in a healthy way creating a clearer understanding of the expectations presented. This then frees up children to grow through their mistakes, live with the consequences of their choices, and learn to own their responsibilities. Consequently, putting the adult back in control of the situation with an emphasis on respect and dignity events are minimized. The results of this win-win position allow the adult to resume their work and it prepares young people to live in the real world.

How Does One Begin?

They recommend starting out slowly and choose one of the many techniques offered. For example, neutralizing an argument with the “brain dead” technique is powerful and works. So what is being braindead?  This is where the adults instead of engaging with the argument just response with a short but empathic response. An example might go something like, “ Oh that’s really sad” or “What a bummer.” The second part of this technique is difficult because then you have to walk away. By not engaging it gives the child the opportunity to figure it out for themselves and then they can only blame themselves for their decisions and results. 

When Can You See Results?

Within the first application of Love and Logic, changes will occur in the child. The investment of time and money is small compared to the results achieved. On the website, they have wonderful examples of success stories to inspire you. Also listed are workshops, DVDs and blogs to walk you through the application of the techniques. If you feel like you are losing the battle with your child, think about changing it up with Love and Logic before you lose your mind!