State Testing in Arizona

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How is state testing handled at an Arizona public online high school? The answer is extremely carefully! State testing really does present certain and obvious obstacles for an Arizona public online school. In a “regular” school, high school students simply come to school and take the state assessments. You might be wondering how this works when online students “attend” school virtually.  At Hope High School Online, we believe it is a great opportunity for our Arizona public online school to spend great one on one time with our wonderful online students!

Hope High School Online Staff Hit the Road

All Hope High School Online staff become a huge part of helping students schedule and take their state assessments. Our dedicated staff travel around the state to meet students where they are so that they can take their state assessments. From Page to Window Rock and Yuma to Casa Grande, our staff are on the road.  We believe that a an Arizona public online high school can be highly effective at helping our online high school students succeed in their state exam testing.

One on One Interaction at our Arizona Public Online School

One of the biggest benefits to traveling to students is that we get to meet and interact with our students face to face. Being an Arizona online public high school, we face certain barriers to meeting our students face to face! This gives us that opportunity to spend a little one on one time to help us learn a little bit more about our incredible online high school students.

Last year, during our Hope High School Online state testing tour, one of our coaches was able to meet up with a sister duo and even eat at their family’s restaurant! Seeing the students in their own environment really gave our coach more perspective on who our students were, their goals in life, and what their daily activities might consist of. Both of the sisters, along with Hope High School Online’s coach were excited for another visit this year! Developing relationships and strong rapports with our Arizona public online high school students is key in helping them successfully work through their classes and plan for their futures. Visiting them during state testing gives us this opportunity! It’s just one more way we support our students and help them succeed at Hope High School Online.

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We offer a complimentary info kit to provide additional information about how Arizona public online high school education at Hope High School Online works. You can download your info kit HERE. Please also check our Enrollment page for information on how the enrollment process works at our Arizona public online school.  You can also reach out to us by e-mail us at or call us at 602-674-8344.   Please also connect with us on Facebook to keep up to date on school happenings! We’d love to hear what your needs are and find out how we can help your high school experience be a success!