Supporting Your Teen at Free Arizona Online High Schools

As parents know well, teenagers have their unique ways of problem-solving, decision making, and behaving. Teens can act impulsive and irrational, without any regard to possible future consequences of their actions. But don’t blame your teen, it’s just science! A teenager’s brain is very different than adults, not only in maturity but in the development of reasoning skills. Parents can understand their teenager’s brain better to help them be successful students at Hope High School Online, a free online high school in Arizona. 

A Teen’s Brain Continues to Develop Well Into Early Adulthood

A teenager’s brain continues to develop and mature throughout childhood and well into their early adult years. Scientists have identified specific regions of the brain responsible for common teenage behaviors. Our amygdala, which controls behaviors like fear and aggressive behaviors, develops early on. But our frontal cortex, which controls reasoning and thinking before acting, develops much later into adulthood. Scientists found this explains why teenagers act so differently than adults, because of their stage of brain development. Your student’s actions are more guided by the emotional and reactive amygdala than the logical frontal cortex. 

Because of the stage of brain development, adolescents are more likely to-

  • Act on impulse
  • Misread or misinterpret social cues and emotions
  • Get into accidents of all kinds
  • Get involved in fights
  • Engage in dangerous or risky behavior

Adolescents are less likely to-

  • Think before they act
  • Pause to consider the consequences of their actions
  • Change dangerous or inappropriate behaviors

Even though a teenage student’s brain is still developing, this doesn’t mean they are incapable of making good decisions and knowing the differences between right and wrong. All teens are still responsible for their actions, but we can better support our teens, knowing more about their mind and development. Next time, try and have more patience when your teenager is making a decision or talk through scenarios with your teen to help them understand the way an adult would handle the situations. Having an awareness of the differences between the way you and your student think can reduce frustration and negativity, creating a supportive Arizona online high school learning environment.

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