Considering Arizona High School at Home?

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Are you a parent that is considering Arizona high school at home? There are many reasons parents consider homeschooling for their high school student. Some Arizona parents are concerned about the environment on high school campuses – bullying, quality of academics, exposure to drugs, alcohol, etc., and student safety on campus. Whatever the reason, Arizona … Read more

Free Arizona Online High School Benefits Students with Personal Health or Family Flexibility Needs

Many Arizona high school students struggle with the pressures of rigid scheduling and challenging environments at traditional brick and mortar high schools. Whether it is health, social pressure, work schedule, or family flexibility needs, a free Arizona online high school may be just the solution. Brick and mortar high schools and traditional learning environments are … Read more

Struggling Students Can Succeed

Free accredited online high school Arizona students succeed

Is your high school student struggling academically? If your student is not thriving, there are many reasons that can contribute to the difficulties. Overcrowded classrooms, high student to teacher ratios, and peer pressure can all prevent students from raising their hands or receiving the extra academic support they need. Additionally, educational curriculum that is not … Read more

Want More Parental Involvement? Our Online High School AZ School Offers Great Options!

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Parental Involvement is a Key to Academic Success At Hope High School Online, we believe that parental involvement in high school education is a key to academic success. As a matter of fact, research indicates that when parents are involved, students are more likely to earn higher grades, score higher on tests, and enroll in … Read more

Arizona Public Online School is a Great Choice for School Safety

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Eliminating Physical Safety Threats School safety has become a significant concern for both Arizona high school students and their parents. Many are searching for an alternative to eliminate safety threats and are considering Arizona public online school. Emotional and physical safety of students has a proven link to more positive educational outcomes. The peace of … Read more

Student Leaders Are Being Built at an Accredited Online Arizona High School

How Does an Accredited Online Arizona High School Build Student Leaders? Some people believe that it is not possible for an accredited online Arizona high school to truly build student leaders.  But, what is a leader really? Depending on who you ask, you will get  varying responses. However, there is usually one common thread in … Read more

Hope High School Online Builds Positive Relationships with Students and Families

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Who says Arizona online charter school students at Hope High School Online don’t have fun? Principal Erin Horn’s philosophy is, “Bring the fun and they will come!”.  Her magic formula for fun is below: Hot dogs. Check. Hamburgers. Check. Desserts. Check. Photo Booth. Check. Picturesque location. Check. Perfect Weather. Check. Games. Check. Prizes. Check. Students. … Read more