Take Mental Breaks to Better Your Education at Our Arizona Online School

Working hard on an assignment, finishing a big project, or preparing for an upcoming test takes a lot of focus. If you find yourself having a difficult time concentrating, problems are stumping you, and decisions are hard to make, you need a mental break! Brief breaks while working on your Arizona online school assignments gives your brain a reboot to become refreshed and ready to finish your set goal.

Value a Good Break During School Work and be a More Successful Student 

Taking a good break to refocus is a great way to find the motivation you need to keep working hard, even when it feels challenging. But, if you are working in a state of flow and absorbed in your task, continue to work hard! Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to take a break if you have plenty of energy to continue. 

Recent research on the value of taking breaks suggests- 

1. Movement Breaks

Constant sitting puts our bodies at higher risks for health issues; getting up for 5 minutes every hour reduces negative health effects. Adding in a plan to walk, stretch, run, or practice yoga to benefit your physical and emotional health will make you more productive while doing your Arizona online school work.

2. Prevent Decision Fatigue 

Making frequent decisions throughout the day can wear down willpower and reasoning ability. Taking a break and allowing your mind and body to rest can lead to better decisions, which will help you be more successful during the time spent attending your online school in Arizona.

3. Restore Motivation

When you face a challenging assignment or task or are working on a big project, make yourself step away from the long task for mental breaks to restore your motivation. Brief mental breaks will help you stay focused on your task and prevent fatigue. 

4. Increase Productivity and Creativity 

Working for long stretches without breaks can lead to stress and exhaustion. Take a break to refresh your mind, replenish your mental resources, and find more creativity.  Be sure to stay hydrated, and remember to move around during your break to rejuvenate your mind.

5. “Waking Rest” – Resting while awake

Science has suggested for some time that the purpose of sleep is to consolidate memories. There is evidence that suggests resting while awake can improve memory formation. A “waking rest” allows your brain to review and ingrain what it previously learned.  This is a great tool – stopping to think about what you are learning can actually help you learn better!

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