Top Three Mistakes Arizona Online Public High School Students Make

Arizona online public high school success

Arizona Online Public High School is Growing in Popularity

Arizona online public high school is quickly becoming an increasingly popular option for students seeking something less traditional than the average local high school. Enticed by the flexibility and pacing of an Arizona online public high school, students are making the switch. But before making the switch, it is vital that students understand the common academic pitfalls. If these pitfalls can be avoided, students will be more successful as Arizona online public high school students….they might even be able to speed up their graduation date!

Arizona Online Public School Does Not Mean “Easy”

Do not assume that Arizona online public school means “easier”. Many young people are making the decision that traditional high school just isn’t for them. Times have changed, society is progressing, and students want something different. When enrolling in an Arizona online high school, some Arizona online public schoolstudents have the misconception that online high school will be easier and they will be able to graduate quicker. While students have the ability to learn at their own pace in the Arizona online public school environment, online students must have the self-discipline to consistently log on and work through their classes. Online high school isn’t an “easy way out”, but a different path to high school graduation. Hope High School Online staff strive meet students where they are and support them in getting where they want to be. Through support from their teachers and coaches, our students learn that online school might not be easy, but it is worth it. Students learn content in their Arizona online high school courses , but also learn incredibly valuable skills like time management, self-motivation and discipline, and the value of a productive struggle.
“I only need to put in a couple hours a week to be successful.” To be a successful online student, it requires more than a couple hours a week. Successful online students typically spend at least 25-30 hours logged into their classes per week. Although online students can attend school in their pajamas at home, they still have to “attend” by logging into their classes and working through the learning materials. The flexibility of online high school comes from deciding when students want to work in their classes…..anytime, day or night! Once students develop a schedule and a rhythm, they are able to steadily complete their courses. By designing attainable academic goals with staff, the students at Hope High School Online learn valuable time management skills which help them reach their goal of high school graduation.

“There’s Not a Real Teacher” for Arizona Online High School Courses

Arizona online high school teacher supportA computer does all the grading. There’s not a real teacher. Although online students log into their Arizona online high school courses on the computer, there are actual teachers on the other “end” of the computer. Daily, teachers are logging in and grading assignments and providing students with helpful feedback. Teachers at Hope High School Online will even be seen throughout the day working with students via Google Hangouts, video chats, or even on an old fashioned telephone! Arizona online high school teachers use technology to their advantage by using it to reach out to their students and provide help when needed.

At Hope High School Online, teachers feel that they need to get to know their students so that they can understand how to best support them in achieving their goals during and after high school. Never ever is it just a computer! Students need to teachers to learn. Technology facilitates the learning process, but could never replace a teacher!

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Whatever the reason is that lead students to switch to an Arizona online high school, it is vital that they understand the possible pitfalls and how to avoid them to ensure their success as an online high school student.  At Hope High School Online, four of five of our students go on to higher education.  We offer personalized, empowering learning plans, a hands on, supportive staff, and award winning curriculum to engage our students and help them succeed.  If you are researching the benefits of Arizona online high school, you can read more about about it HERE.
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