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Attend our Open Houses to Find Out Why Hope High Online is the Better Choice for Arizona High School at Home!

Hope High School Online loves to meet our students and families! When prospective students are deciding on whether or not HHSO is the right fit for Arizona high school at home, they are always welcome attend one of our ongoing Open Houses! Students and parents are able to meet our staff and see where the “action” takes place!

Students and parents are encouraged to ask questions about Arizona high school at home when they come.  Parents ask “how does online high school in Arizona work”? What makes Hope High School Online different (and better!) than the other Arizona online high schools? Does HHSO have clubs and offer sports? How can Arizona online high school students get help when they need it? How accessible are our teachers? Who are the teachers behind the computers? These questions and any others someone might have can be answered during our Open Houses!

Are You Considering Arizona High School at Home?

If you are considering Arizona high school at home, please do attend a Hope High School Online Open House! CLICK HERE to schedule your Open House visit!  On behalf of all of the Hope High School Online staff, we hope to meet you and answer any questions you may have!

Arizona public online high school students dream bigOur Arizona Public Online High School Students Are Smart!

Eat healthier, lose weight, quit this, or start that…..these are all typical New Year’s resolutions we hear at this time of year. It is the season of resolutions and fresh starts! I had the opportunity to sit down with some of our Arizona public online high school students at Hope High School Online to see what kinds of resolutions or goals they have for 2018!  We think Hope High School Online are pretty smart with what they came up with!  Read more about our Arizona public online school students to find out how they succeed!

2017 Student Reflections of 2017 Highlights at Hope High School Online

When Hope High School Online students were reflecting on 2017, they were thinking of their favorite parts of the year! I was excited when one student stated that one of her favorite parts of last year was the Agile Student Leadership Conference they attended with Hope High School Online. Our Arizona public online high school students were able to interact with professionals at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona while learning valuable leadership skills.

“No Bullying” at Our Arizona Public Online High School – The Highlight of One Student’s Year!

Another student expressed that her favorite part of 2017 was starting school at Hope High School Online, which made us extremely happy and proud! She said, “At other schools, I have been harassed and bullied and it was cool to try out an online school that I could actually come to. At this school, I have met friends who like me for me and we work together to get our schoolwork done.” Whenever Hope High School Online can be a part of student highlights, we are thrilled!

Resolutions vs Goals

In talking with Hope High School Online students, it was apparent that they knew the difference between resolutions and goals. They decided that it would be best for them if they set goals for the year and worked toward those goals. The thought of having resolutions and maintaining abrupt changes was contrasted with the possibility of goals and the opportunity to grow as a person while developing the skills to overcome the obstacles they might encounter.

Excellent Hope High School Online Student Goals for 2018

With that said, our students came up with some excellent goals for 2018:

”Be myself more and try harder.”

“Get better at concentrating.”

“I want to get better at expressing and telling people how I feel.”

“I want to get better at not procrastinating.”

“I want to learn about life.”

“I want to finish more classes.”

We Support Our Arizona Public Online School Student Goals

Hope High School Online always strives to support our Arizona public online school students in any way we can while they are in high school. Supporting them in their transition to life after graduation is also incredibly important to us because we want our online high school students to find and create success after high school! For this reason, their goals are revisited so that students can monitor and measure their own personal growth. Our student lab is one way we connect with our local students. Our students are able to come into our office and work at their own pace. Our dedicated Arizona online public high school staff is able to tutor our online high school students when necessary.  The students also enjoy developing friendships with other students and positive rapport with staff members. Students also have the support of the Hope High School Online academic coaches in reaching their goals for 2018.

All in all, Hope High School Online is a school about hope…..the hope that students develop for their futures, the hope that they can give one another, and the hope to realize their potentials!

Hope High School Online, a Free Online Charter High School in Arizona Offers Support Students Need to Succeed

School can be a real struggle for high school students for an array of reasons. Some people believe that a free online charter high school in Arizona can’t provide the kind of support that a brick and mortar (campus based) school provides.  That couldn’t be further from the truth. At Hope High School Online, our job is to provide unwavering support for our students when they struggle. Recently, we have a student who has come to us from a brick and mortar school.

Below is one Hope High School Online student’s success story:

“If a student has a learning disability, they  need specific services.

hope high online staff understands student illness

I am a sophomore who has a visual processing disorder, and dyslexia.  A massive concern I had was getting the needed services for my disabilities. My mom was also concerned, but after my first IEP meeting, the services I needed were put in place. Hope High School Online has been a blessing. My family and I do not need to worry about getting the needed services.

Speaking from experience, school has never been easy, but this year is different. Since I was under so much stress trying to juggle seven to eight classes a day, I had horrible anxiety. After being enrolled with Hope, I have not had an anxiety attack. Each student does a minimum of two courses in seven weeks and can go at their own pace. I am truly blessed to be a part of this school.”

Why Choose Hope High School Online

Hope High School Online Truly Can Provide the Success Our Students Need at Our Free Online Charter High School in Arizona

Whenever we get feedback like this, we are thrilled! We strive to make a difference in our students’ lives.  We work hard to uncover the best ways to support our students in their academic journeys.  We focus on student support every day at Hope High School Online!  It’s one of the reasons why four out of five of our students go on to higher education. There are other great reasons why our students succeed – find out more HERE.

More Information About How Hope High School Online Can Bring Your Student the Success They Hope For

We invite you to find out more about why choosing our free online charter high school in Arizona could be the best decision you make for your student’s academic career.  Please take a moment to download our complimentary information kit, and be sure to let us know if you have any further questions.

How Does an Accredited Online Arizona High School Build Student Leaders?

Some people believe that it is not possible for an accredited online Arizona online high school students learn agileArizona high school to truly build student leaders.  But, what is a leader really? Depending on who you ask, you will get  varying responses. However, there is usually one common thread in the responses: Inspiring. A leader should inspire! Last week, that is exactly what our students did, they inspired!

Hope High School Online, along with two other Blueprint Education high schools, attended the Student Leadership Agile Conference. The event was hosted by Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Arizona. Over the past couple of years, BCBS has answered the call to work with our Hope High Online students. It has been truly inspiring! Our Arizona online high school students were led through informative workshops to help students develop leadership skills to take back to their campuses, but also harness for life.

The Student Agile Leadership Conference

It’s hard to completely describe with words what exactly transpired Arizona online high school students learn leadership skillsover the two day conference. It was so unique and impactful for all those involved. This conference was the second annual of its type. BCBS employees, along with Blueprint Education and Hope High School Online staff, led students through a series of workshops.  The workshops aimed at helping them develop skills in the areas of communication, teamwork, collaboration, networking, marketing, organization, project management.  Each skill was taught under the umbrella of Agile philosophy.

How Does an Accredited Online Arizona High School Use Agile?

Agile is a philosophy that both BCBS,  Blueprint Education, and Hope High School Online have adopted. It creates a unique culture centered around people, collaboration, and teamwork. Scrum was also an included topic in the conference as students learned the value of breaking down work into small increments. Blueprint Education and Hope High School Online have been a leader in bringing Agile and Scrum into education as they were both originally designed for software production. We feel strongly about teaching our students these values and methods because they help students academically, but personally and professionally as well.

Hope High School Online Students Very Engaged in Learning Leadership Skills

I observed students eagerly taking notes on important topics such as networking and then immediately practicing what they learned.  They networked with BCBS professionals, even the Chief Information Office of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. Lasting connections were made between students and industry professionals. It was incredible to watch as both groups were inspired by one another. Hope High School Online is incredibly proud to be able to offer such an opportunity to our students.  It gives them the forum to be inspired and inspire others at the same time! The opportunities we provide for our Arizona online high school students to gain life leadership skills is just one of many reasons why choosing Hope High School Online is a wonderful choice for Arizona high school students.

How Do You Keep Students Connected at a Free Arizona Online High School?

From the Desk of Principal Horn

I felt slightly giddy as I walked into the movie theatre for Hope High School Online’s most recent hangout! I am always excited to meet our students and parents face to face.  These are the moments that make our free Arizona online high school such a special place to receive a quality education.

What is a Hope High School Online Hangout?

I watched as laughter and excitement filled the theatre as everyone filed in to watch the much free Arizona online high school Hope High School Online has movie outing  anticipated movie, Justice League.   Like any other Hope High School Online hangout, it starts with mingling and people getting to know one another (and of course food!)! It is so invigorating to meet our students and families. As an ongoing effort to know our Hope High School Online students, we hold hangouts every quarter. Familiar faces were in the crowd, but there were also a handful of new ones! One new parent even remarked that they loved the personal connection we have with our students and families! That’s why we do what we do!

Hope High School Online is a free Arizona online high school that values student relationships Building connections promotes student engagement. When our students struggle or succeed, they know, without a doubt, that there is a team behind them! There are many options for free Arizona online high school, but we believe that personal connections with students and families is one of the keys to their academic success!

Justice League did not disappoint and neither did the company! I couldn’t tell who was more excited to watch the movie – students, staff or parents! I think we all left feeling like superheroes ready to conquer the world! We can’t wait for our next Hope High School Online hangout……so stay tuned!

I Am Thankful for the Personal Support for Our Arizona Online High School Students

At this time of year, it is a wonderful time to reflect upon things we have to be grateful for. I decided to take a moment to reflect on all the students I have met over the years. Principal Erin Horn interacts with Arizona online high school studentsGratitude fills me as I think of the amazing young people I have been fortunate enough to know. Ups and downs are inevitable, but I can say with surety, that the ups helped me cherish life while the downs taught me incredibly valuable life lessons.  As Principal at Hope High School Online, it is particularly remarkable that I am privileged to interact with Arizona online high school students in very personal and tangible ways.  I am thankful for the opportunities Hope High School Online has built into the values system here.  We prioritize building personal, supportive relationships with our Arizona online high school students.

I Am Thankful to Be an Educator, and Learn from Our Arizona Online High School Students

I am thankful to be an educator! Throughout my career as an educator, I have been fortunate to have been intertwined in many students’ stories. My students have afforded me the opportunity to teach them, but in all reality, the teaching and learning goes both ways.  This is also true at Hope High School Online, where the interactive learning platform allows our Arizona online high school students to positively engage and build relationships.

I remember my first year of teaching 6th graders in a small Florida town. They were full of energy and curiosity! Eager and smiling faces greeted me each day as they taught me to enjoy all that life has to offer. It was a simple and very small town with one school for both middle and high school. Their energy fueled my dedication to being the best teacher I knew how to be!

I kept teaching and learning using my experiences, both good and bad, to prepare me for the next set of students that would sit in my classrooms. Over the years my students have taught me to:

Arizona Online high school Hope High Online-cherish your loved ones, you never know when life will take them away.
-not judge a book by its cover, you never really know what people are up against.
-give people the benefit of the doubt, you never really know what they are facing and overcoming.
-poor behavior isn’t always just poor behavior. Usually, there is something behind it and it usually is an unmet need-address that need.!
-believing wholly in someone should never be underestimated. That seed of belief can blossom into something incredible.
-the real Common Core is the connection teachers have to their students that inspire them to realize their potential.

Life Lessons Through the Eyes of My Students

You see all of the things I learned are life lessons that I learned through the eyes of my students. Not all of the things learned in a school classroom are the things we can quantify. I truly hope that my students not only learned the content I taught, but the tools to create their happiness and success! How thankful I am to be an educator and grateful to be at Hope High School Online!