The Arizona online high school students at Hope High School Online find ways to serve our surrounding communities.  One of our Hope High School Online students asked, “Have you ever heard of Glamour Gals?”  We said, “No, but tell us about it!”  So we checked it out, and guess what?  It’s awesome! As a result of our student’s suggestion, we now have a Glamour Gals chapter!

What is Glamour Gals?Arizona online high school students help senior citizens

Glamour Gals is a volunteer organization serving senior communities. Our Arizona online high school students will visit senior communities to do “mini-makeovers” along with manis and pedis!  It’s exciting! Hope High School Online is the first Arizona chapter once our registration is official!

“This year, more than 3.3 million seniors will spend time in senior homes across the United States. It is estimated that nearly 60% of senior home residents never receive visitors. Actual and perceived social isolation are associated with increased risk for early mortality and diminished cognitive performance. The health effects of prolonged isolation are equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day” (

At Hope High School Online serving our communities because it is an important part of our students’ success.

Community service is an important part of our Arizona online high school students’ success plan.  Our students learn to succeed academically and in life!  Find out why 8 out of 10 Hope High School Online students go on to higher education.  Download our free info kit today! 

Find out more about what makes Hope High School Online a great success path for your student!

Hope High School Online is a free Arizona online accredited charter school.  We are focused on high quality education that empowers our Arizona online high school students to succeed. Hope High School online is accredited Because of this commitment to excellence, our curriculum is award winning.  Our Arizona online high school students enjoy strong academic support, and personalized success plans. They also enjoy a creative online learning experience and the close community of students and staff.  In conclusion, you owe it to your student’s future to find out more about Hope High School Online.  Please attend one of our Open Houses, scheduled every Wednesday.  Click HERE to RSVP for a Hope High School Online Open House information.

Come Hang Out With Hope High School Online!

arizona online high school picnic

From the Desk of Principal Horn

Grilling, chilling, games, contests and fun will all be part of Hope High School Online’s next hangout! Our staff, students, and their families will participate in our Back to School Grilling and Chilling hangout where students can get to know one another along with parents and families. Our entire Hope High School Online staff will be there, and we are looking forward to getting to know our students and their families!

Every year Hope High School Online staff organizes a Back to School hangout to spend time with our students and families. We know that building a partnership back to Arizona online high schoolbetween school and home is of utmost importance. Ensuring that our students and parents feel welcomed into our school creates a bridge between both support systems. Partnering together builds trust, enabling our staff to  better support our students.  It helps keeps staff, students, and families all on the same page and focused on our Arizona online high school students’ success! At Hope High School Online, we believe that parents and families can be one of our students’ greatest assets.  We work hard to create that important partnership!

This year’s Back to School hangout will be on September 22nd at Kiwanis Park in Tempe from 3-7pm.

Arizona Online high school virtual field trip(Mr. Blakely, our Social Studies teacher, filming a virtual field trip)

How do Virtual Field Trips Work at an

Accredited Arizona Online High School?

Are you saying to yourself, “Did I read that correctly?” Virtual field trips at an accredited Arizona online high school? How does that work? Well, it actually works really well!! They are called virtual field trips and they are pretty cool!

What is a Virtual Field Trip?

Hope High School Online’s virtual field trips are part of the creative approach we take with our accredited, award winning curriculum.  All types of learning are important so our staff creates virtual field trips for our Arizona online high school students. Since our online high school students are from all over Arizona, it can be difficult to get everyone together for a field trip.  Our dedicated teachers and staff take time to scout out various locations. Then they design lessons that can be used in our online high school classes.  Our virtual field trips are entertaining learning experiences for our Arizona online high school students.

(Mr. Blakely, our Social Studies teacher, filming a virtual field trip)

Benefits of a Virtual Field Trip with an Accredited Online Arizona High School

Our accredited online Arizona online high school students like the fact that they can control how they view the field trip.  They rewind and rewatch the portions of the virtual field trip that interest them. They “tour” a location without being stuck moving at one pace. Hope High School Online students have the opportunity to see things and places that they might not have otherwise seen.  They can learn the information in a way and at a pace that works best for each online high school student. It also gives our accredited Arizona online high school students a chance to tour the many fascinating places our state has to offer!

Hope High School Online’s Most Recent Virtual Field Trip

Recently, Hope High School Online staff and one Hope High School Online student took a trip to the Biosphere 2 in Oro Valley, Arizona. It was a little bit of a journey from Phoenix, but well worth it! Our online high school student and Hope High School Online staff members got a first hand look at the various biomes inside Biosphere 2.  We even got an exclusive “backstage” tour around the Biosphere 2.  The backstage tour included the living quarters, the library outlook, aArizona online high school virtual tour of Biospherend even the beach of the marine biome. To say it was an exciting learning experience was an understatement!

(Filming Footage Biosphere 2)


Why Choose Hope High School Online

Virtual field trips are just one of numerous creative learning opportunities that Hope High School Online offers to its’ Arizona online high school students.  If you like to explore and learn in an exciting and fun way, we encourage you to consider Hope High School Online. It is a creative, enjoyable alternative to traditional Arizona high school.  Click here and we will send you a free, informative information kit about what makes Hope High School Online a great educational alternative for an accredited Arizona online high school.  Click below to find out why 8 out of 10 Hope High School students go on to higher education, and then come join us!

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Arizona Online High School students learning style is unique.From the Desk of Principal Horn

Arizona online high school have become an increasingly popular choice when it comes to obtaining a high school diploma. There are many high school educational choices and Arizona high school students have many paths to choose from.

Hope High School Online, an accredited, award winning online charter school, provides students with scheduling flexibility and a non-traditional approach to educational success. Some Arizona high school students don’t want a typical day to day school schedule. Instead, they want to create a schedule that works best for their personal lives and family lifestyle.   For example, a couple of Hope High School Online families choose online high school because their families enjoy traveling.

Personally, I believe this is one of the tremendous benefits of attending an online high school. When I was in my twenties, I traveled a great deal. I couldn’t get enough of the new and exciting experiences that came from traveling!  So many of my greatest learning experiences happened outside of classroom walls. I came to consider the world my classroom! Our Hope High School Online students who travel have the unique opportunity to actually visit places that they have learned about in their online high school classes. How exciting it is for them to have these experiences!

These wonderful learning experiences are only made possible because of the flexibility of Arizona online high school.  Families who need a non-traditional approach to their high school student’s education will enjoy the flexibility of Hope High School Online, as well as the customized learning plans and personal support from our caring staff.   For more information about the benefits of attending Hope High School Online, download our complimentary info kit HERE.

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Traditional high school just isn’t for everyone.  At Hope High School Online, 8 out of 10 high school students go on to higher education.  Why?  It’s because of the personal attention, customized learning plans, strong support and communication with both student and parent.  AND, it’s free, accredited, and award winning!  Download our FREE info kit HERE.

Why the name Hope High School Online?

The name Hope High School Online may seem like a unique name for a school.  For the students and staff, it’s definitely not! It’s because Hope High School Online is an Arizona online school for grades 7-12 that sparks hope within our students. It could be hope directed toward obtaining a high school diploma, developing a plan for after high school, or receiving needed support during difficult situations. Most of all, regardless of what IT is,  Hope High School Online staff is dedicated to infusing that hope into our students in everything we do. It’s who we are!

Helping Vulnerable Arizona Foster Children

Hope High School Online volunteersRecently, Hope High School Online staff participated in an event to support Arizona kids who are in foster care. One of our coaches, Jillian, along with our Math and ELA teachers (Mr. Ortega and Mrs. Dawson Williams) and Principal Horn volunteered at Arizona Helping Hands.   Because of our staff’s passion to help all students succeed, we helped stuff backpacks filled with back to school supplies for students in foster care. We enjoyed giving back to our community while supporting some of Arizona’s most vulnerable students.  Because of our mission, we felt very fortunate to SPREAD HOPE to the students in our community!

Hope High School Online eventStay tuned with Hope High School Online!

We are working on other volunteer opportunities! It’s because we think learning goes on outside the classroom too! And so, we are committed to providing ample learning opportunities outside of the core academics. 


Does your student need an Arizona online high school environment filled with hope?

Is your student enrolled at Hope High School Online?  If not, your Arizona jr. high or high school student and your family can benefit from an academic environment of hope for the future.  Find out more by downloading our information kit.  CLICK HERE.