One Student’s Experience at a Free Accredited Online High School in Arizona

One of the perks of being a principal is the opportunity I have to meet so many inspiring young people! Hope High School Online is full of students who want educational flexibility.  Our free accredited online high school creates scheduling freedom for students Arizona online high school student visits Eiffel Towerwho need to overcome personal obstacles.  Other online high school students just want something different, want to get ahead or even want to have the opportunity to travel.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with one of our Arizona online high school students, Chloe, last week.   She described her latest traveling adventure to me! Chloe spent 10 days in Europe traveling with her mom. She had an experience of a lifetime! Being a Hope High School Online student, Chloe was able to work extra in her classes each week.  She spent more than the required 25 weekly hours online. By doing this, she created a “bank” of excess hours that she used as vacation time for her travel adventures!

History Came Alive for Chloe

Chloe was glowing and all smiles as she talked about her trip abroad. She absolutely loved the castles of Germany and found them to be incredibly fascinating. As she toured the castles, she recounted that she didn’t want to touch a thing.  Everything seemed so old and seemed like it could break. The low lights, narrow stairs, and creaky floors sparked her imagination. Chloe thought of what it might have been like to actually live in one of these castles so many years ago. How incredible that history came alive for her! Chloe had the unique opportunity to actually see some of the places she studied about.

free accredited online high school student visits AuschwitcsShe also saw some less desirable parts of history that she has studied as well: the Holocaust. When speaking about the concentration camp she visited, she recounted, “It was really sad to see the horrible living conditions-to see how many people died and actually walk through gas chambers and furnaces where people died.”

Chloe Has the Flexibility to Repeat Her Travel Adventures Because of Flexible Scheduling

When asked if she would travel again in the future, she answered with a big smile saying that she definitely would. She was very nervous about the long flight and the language barriers she might face but overcame her fears. By using Google translator, she was able to communicate with those around her and plans to continue traveling. Because Chloe attends Hope High Online, an award winning and free accredited online high school in Arizona, she has the academic freedom to include travel to enrich her learning experiences. I look forward to seeing where Chloe will venture off to next and hearing about her authentic hands on learning experiences!

Flexible Scheduling is Just One Reason to Consider Hope High School Online

Our Arizona online high school students really appreciate flexible scheduling.  In addition, there are numerous other reasons why Hope High School Online is a great choice for free accredited online high school in Arizona.  We have award winning curriculum, our students go on to higher education, and they are given every tool to help them succeed.  Find out about the other great reasons students and their families choose Hope High School Online HERE.  

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Arizona Online High School Students Are Transformed by Community Service

“I’m going to Hollywood!!”, exclaimed Stella.  Stella is a resident at a local senior community Arizona online high school students serve senior citizenswhere Hope High School Online and Hope High School students provided manicures and makeovers. Students from both high schools came together as “Glamour Gals” to serve senior citizens.

Stella was the star of the day.  She let us know how excited she was for our students to “beautify” her!! Repeatedly Stella declared she was going to Hollywood after her makeover! As the life of the party, she had everyone there excited about the makeovers and manicures!

Arizona Online High School Students and Senior Citizens Turn Out for “Glamour Gals”

Arizona online high school students serve senior citizensWe had an incredible turnout of residents and students. Hope High School Online staff truly believe that the power of service transforms student experiences for Arizona online high school students.  It also powerfully impacts those receiving the good deeds! Not all learning happens inside the classroom.  Serving the community teaches our students incredibly important lessons.  These lessons include the shared responsibility of community service and the transforming power of kindness.

As a result of this wonderful experience, the Arizona online high school students at Hope High School Online are already looking forward to our next visit.  We know our new friends look forward to spending another day enjoying manicures and makeovers!

hope high school online staff understands student illness

The Hope High School Online staff is extremely supportive of our online high school students that struggle with illness.  Over the years, Hope High School Online has been a place of refuge and an opportunity for academic success for Arizona online high school students that need flexible education options because of their illness.

The Story of One Hope High School Staff Member

From the Desk of Principal Horn:

Cancer sucks. It just does.  There is no way around it and no way to deny it. Over the years, we have had a handful of students at Hope High School Online who have suffered from one form of cancer or another. In my personal life, my mother battled and overcame breast cancer. My husband was diagnosed in late 2014 with colon cancer. Thankfully, he is in his second year of maintenance.

There are very few people who haven’t been affected by cancer in one way or another.  It is a sad reality. I bet everyone who reads this blog knows someone who has had cancer or had it themselves. Although this paints quite a gloomy picture, it also sheds light on some pretty amazing people and their stories.  The fact remains that there is work to do in finding a cure!  Below is the story of one staff member who fought cancer and beat it!

Meet Hope High School Online Staff Member Elizabeth Rohrer

The Hope High School Online Staff person I want to highlight today Hope High School Online staff member Elizabeth as a child with leukemiais Elizabeth Rohrer.  Elizabeth is the Community Liaison for Hope High School Online. Elizabeth is a childhood cancer survivor. At the tender age of 5, she was diagnosed with leukemia. While her classmates were playing after school, Elizabeth was receiving chemotherapy. Her memories of kindergarten were not in the classroom.  Her teacher came to her home to teach her there. Thankfully, Elizabeth beat leukemia!  She has gone on to accomplish many wonderful things in her life.  Hope High School Online is proud to have Elizabeth as a part of our team.

Because of Elizabeth’s passion to raise awareness and money for cancer research, she brought Relay for Life to our staff and students. Hope High School Online participates now as a sponsor for the local event. Elizabeth’s passion seeps through the work she does for Relay for Life,

Elizabeth Rohrer Hope High School Online Staff“I am so passionate about Relay For Life because of all the amazing programs and services that the American Cancer Society has for cancer survivors and their caregivers. Because of cancer research, I am alive today. There was a clinical trial for my specific type of cancer, which saved my life. The American Cancer Society is the #1 source of cancer research funding outside of the federal government.  Because of this, I work tirelessly to raise funds for them!”

Hope High School Online Benefits from Elizabeth’s Work

As a result of what Elizabeth brings to our school and students, Hope High School Online is a better place! She works in the community to provide outreach opportunities for our students. Elizabeth  staffs our event booths and recruits new online high school students. She works with Hope High School online students in their transition from high school to their next steps after graduation.

Hope High School Online staff looks forward to being a part of Relay for Life every year.  Our school is committed to help grow awareness of the American Cancer Society.  This wonderful organization  has supported Elizabeth, and supports Hope High School Online’s students that struggle with illness and countless others.  We are proud to work with an organization that has such great impact!

Arizona Accredited online high school Hope High Online

Arizona Accredited Online High School Adds Agile to Student Education 

Why is an Arizona Accredited Online High School incorporating Agile and Scrum in online high school curriculum?   Principal Erin Horn at Hope High School Online believes that it gives their students the extra tools they need to succeed.  Innovative educators around the world are infusing Agile in schools and education. Hope High High School Online is one of these schools that believe academic success and life success go hand in hand.

What is Agile and Where Did it Come From?

Agile was introduced into the world of software development in 2001 to help companies deal with constant change. It focuses on flexibility.  It includes people and interactions over processes and tools (Agile Manifesto). The goal is to consistently provide value for the customer or end user. Agile teams self organize and work to improve products and features done through an iterative process. It’s about working smarter not harder. Agile creates a common language and culture.  This gives  teams the opportunity to innovate and thrive in a constantly changing landscape.

One might ask, “Isn’t this blog about education? What does this have to do with it?” And…this is the same question we asked when we started the journey of Agile in Education. Hope High School Online is an Arizona accredited online high school.  We are proud of our award winning curriculum.  Plus, our online high school students’ experience success.  Four out of five Hope High School Online students go on to higher education.  Because we focus on giving our Arizona online high school students the tools they need, they succeed.

What in the World is Scrum? Did You Mean to Say Something Else?

Scrum is one Agile method among a sea of methods. Scrum is a framework in which self-organizing teams complete work in sprints or a specified amount of time (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.). Teams decide what work they can finish in a certain amount of time. The students meet quickly each day to review progress. At the end of the sprint, teams review what they have accomplished. The sprint ends with a team meeting aka team retrospective. When the next sprint begins, the team chooses what work they feel they can accomplish.  With the goal set, they start another sprint.


Now…What Does This Have to do with Education and Hope High School Online?

Because the world is unpredictable and always changing, we believe the style of education should prepare students to work in this environment. This is where Agile and Scrum collide with education. Teaching students about Agile and its culture also gives students an opportunity to develop 21st century skills that help them succeed in life.

How is Scrum Used at Hope High School Online?

Hope High School Online is one of Blueprint Education’s schools that use Scrum. Each Blueprint Education school uses Scrum a little bit differently. One of Blueprint’s schools uses Scrum for student government.  At other Blueprint schools,  student scrum teams complete classes together.  At Hope High School Online, we run our school using Scrum. It is the chord that runs through almost everything we do.  It gives our students the tools to thrive.  In conclusion, we continue to innovate and create award winning curriculum at Hope High School Online. Our goal is to be the best Arizona online high school choice for student success!

For more information about what makes Hope High School Online a wise choice for Arizona high school students,  CLICK HERE TO download our complimentary information kit.

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For more information about Agile in Education, check out the following websites!


free online high school students in Arizona stay connected

How a Free Online High School Keeps Students Connected

As Principal at Hope High School Online, I am often asked how students stay connected or involved at a free online high school. Keeping Arizona online high school students connected is incredibly important.  Our staff focuses on keeping our students connected and engaged in their online learning experience. As a result of this focus, we plan activities for students and their families.  Hope High School Online also has various student clubs. You might ask how this works at a free Arizona online high school. It is exactly what I would ask as well!

At Hope High School Online, we use our online learning platform to host virtual clubs for our online high school students. Students join and collaborate online. They connect by posting, through discussions, and even videos.

Currently, Hope High School Online Has Six Clubs

Art Club
This club explores different types of art. Students include drawing, painting, photography, digital design, and animation in this artistic exploration.

Young Parents’ Club
The Young Parents’ Club is designed for our Arizona online high school students who have children or are expecting children. These online high school students have access to parenting tips, online parenting support, and helpful parenting discussions. They develop time management skills.  These young parents receive the resources to complete their online high school education.   It takes a village to raise a child. Hope High School Online is a part of that village to help our Arizona online high school students continue on a path to success in academics and in life!

Student Government Club
The Student Government Club is for our online high school students who want to be involved in planning and carrying out student activities. They help plan meet-ups and serve at community events. They are our Hope High School Online student leaders!

Writing Club
The Writing Club is for those who love to write. Our Hope High School Online students share their writing skills with other Arizona online high school students. Some students even share the music they create. Whether they want to improve their writing skills or collaborate with others who share the same passion, the writing club welcomes them!

Relay for Life Club
This club engages students with their community.   Hope High School Online students work on their leadership skills while raising money for the American Cancer Society. Many of our Arizona online high school students have either had cancer or have been affected by it.   The Relay for Life Club is a great way to come together as an Hope High School Online community. Together, we will fight back against this terrible disease!

Why Choose Hope High School Online?

As the principal, I am excited to see all of the interaction between our Hope High School Online students! Friendships are forming and the ideas are flowing.  As a result, a support system develops. Arizona online high school students at Hope High School Online have the flexibility to complete schoolwork from home.  Most of all, it illustrates that students that attend free online high school at Hope High School Online students are isolated!

The connection and collaboration between our Hope High School Online students is just one of many reasons to choose our free Arizona online high school.  Because of our student-focused approach, Hope High School Online is truly a pathway to our students’ success.  Find out what other Arizona online high students and families are saying about why they choose Hope High School Online as their free Arizona online high school of choice!  Click HERE to see the many reasons why people choose Hope High School Online. View our Frequently Asked Questions section to find out more about attending our free Arizona online high school.


Arizona online high school students intern in technical programs Arizona Online High School Students at Hope High School Online Participate in West-Mec Programs

From the Desk of Principal Horn

Who says Arizona online high school shouldn’t jump start students’ futures? In actuality, it really should! Students today have so many incredible programs available to them. I only wish that half of these would have been available when I was in high school!

West-Mec Offers so Many Programs for Online High School Students

Last year, I was able to take a tour of one of Arizona’s West-Mec facilities and I was blown away at the world of opportunities for West-Valley students! Construction, Cosmetology, Medical Assisting, Welding, Physical Therapy, IT Security are just a handful of the programs offered. Once I saw the facilities and learned about the programs available, I knew this was something we needed to spread the word about to our students at Hope High School Online!

Hope High School Online Students Enrolled in West-Mec Programs

Recently, I had the chance to catch up with two of our students enrolled in West-Mec programs. Jaida, an 11th grader at Hope High School Online, is currently working her way through West-Mec’s Medical Assisting program. One day she plans on being a neurosurgeon and believes this program will put her on that path. Jaida’s favorite part of West-Mec is the structure it provides along with the learning opportunities.

“I am learning about things I didn’t know before and how to be a great medical assistant.”

Meeting people and making connections is another part of the program that she likes and enjoys.

Carsten is another Hope High School Online student who is enrolled in the Plumbing program at West-Mec. He felt like it was a simple application process and immediately saw the benefits.

“You get experience at a young age and can prepare yourself for after high school. It’s a big push forward for your career.”

When asked about how he is able to juggle his Hope High School Online coursework along with his West-Mec program, he responded, “I work on my Hope High School Online school work for 3-4 hours in the morning and go to my West-Mec program in the afternoon.” For him that’s what works!

Hope High School Online Wants Every Arizona Online High School Student to Succeed

As the principal of Hope High School Online, I always want my students to leave high school with a future path whether that includes college, vocational school or even a career. West-Mec is just one of the ways we can help our students get set for their futures!

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Who says Arizona online charter school students at Hope High School Online don’t have fun?

Principal Erin Horn’s philosophy is, “Bring the fun and they will come!”.  Her magic formula for fun is below:

Hot dogs. Check.
Hamburgers. Check.
Desserts. Check.
Photo Booth. Check.
Picturesque location. Check.
Perfect Weather. Check.
Games. Check.
Prizes. Check.
Students. Check.
Families. Check.
FUN. Double Check!

Hope High School Online’s Back to School Hangout

What a memorable evening it was at Hope High School Online’s Back to School Hangout. Students were able to meet their teachers and other school staff Arizona online charter school Hope High Online picnicalong with meeting their peers! HHSO students and staff met at Tempe Kiwanis park with the perfect lake backdrop. Hope High School Online staff believes that relationships are key to student success.  As a result, parent/student relationships are a priority, our incredibly dedicated staff worked hard to create a memorable event for students and their families.

Hope High School Online Commits to Relationships with Students and Families

It all started with some grilling by our very unforgettable Social Studies teacher, Mr. Blakely. He made sure our hot dogs and burgers were grilled to perfection. Students, staff, and families visited to make sure we were all able to match students’ names with their faces. Arizona online charter school programs do not always have this opportunity; however, Hope High School Online commits to getting to know our students so that they are more than a name on a class roster. Our hangouts are just one of the ways we are able to accomplish this!

Building a rapport with students and their families is one of the most foundational parts of our online high school. We know that relationships equal results. In order to help and best support our students, we must know them, their goals, their aspirations, learning styles, and interests. Communicating with us is also easy through live online chat, e-mail, phone, and even through our social media channels.  Our Contact Us page is also a good way to reach Hope High Online. We are committed to supporting our students and their families with good communication. Our hangouts are the perfect opportunity to get to know our students and families and build a community of learners!

Success. Check.