accredited Arizona online high school takes Arizona high school online students on field trip to BiosphereArizona High School Online Doesn’t Mean Learning Only at Home…

Attending an Arizona high school online does mean that students complete their school work from home, but that certainly doesn’t mean they only learn from home! With so many places to go in Arizona, there are an incredible amount of learning opportunities!  The staff at Hope High School Online, an accredited Arizona online high school, believes that exploring Arizona offers many unique learning opportunities that enrich students’ education.

Accredited Online Arizona High Schools Should Include Enriched Learning Experiences

Arizona Science Center
Arizona high school online students have discovered that the Arizona Science Center is a great place to spend an afternoon or an entire day! Students can explore topics that actually relate to the curriculum they are learning in their classes at Hope High School Online. What better way to learn than to see science in action in a fun and engaging way!

Arizona Challenger Space Center
If you are interested in outer space, then this is the place for you! Our Arizona high school online students are able to engage in activities that connect the classroom to real life. From learning about actual space voyages to the laws that govern the universe, students can enjoy an action packed day at the space center.  At Hope High School Online, we believe that part of a quality education at any accredited online Arizona high school should include opportunities for student interaction and hands on learning experiences that put the joy back in learning.

Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeological Park
Learn about the Hohokam and how they lived here in the Valley and visit the Pueblo Grande village. Students are able to explore the museum and view various Hohokam artifacts. Students have the opportunity to visit the 1,500-year-old archaeological site, Pueblo Grande. Students have the unique opportunity to explore reconstructed Hohokam houses, learn about the ingenious irrigation systems, and uncover the world of archaeology.

Arizona Capitol Museum Brings History to Life for Arizona High School Online Students
This museum would make your Government or Arizona history class come to life! The Arizona Capitol Museum teaches about Arizona’s rich history. “The museum creates authentic educational experiences by offering visibility to political, social, cultural, environmental, and economic history.” Our Arizona high school online students are inspired when the history and cultural heritage of Arizona comes to life for them.

Biosphere 2
Think about walking through an actual experiment! Biosphere 2 is just that! In the early 1990’s, it was used as a closed system experiment. “Biospherians” lived in the biosphere as an experiment. Tours are available to see where the participants lived and ran experiments. There are also current experiments taking place that students can learn about or participate in any of their STEAM programs! The day trip to Tucson is definitely worth it.

Unique Learning Experiences Should be a Part of a Quality Accredited Arizona Online High School Experience

These are just a few of the extended learning opportunities at Hope High School Online.  Being an Arizona online high school student doesn’t always mean that the learning must take place online…..there are so many incredible places to bring the online learning to life!

When looking for an accredited Arizona online high school, knowing the differences between online school experiences is essential to finding the best online high school for you!  Find out more about the differences.  Download our free info kit HERE, use live chat on our website, e-mail us HERE, or give us a call at  602-663-8496.  We’d love to help!

Parents Can Impact Success When Choosing Arizona Online Schooling for High School

Most parents really want their high school students to succeed academically. Many parents don’t realize just how important their involvement is to their student’s success. Arizona online schooling for high schoolers makes parental involvement easier than a typical brick and mortar school. At Hope High School Online, parents have direct access to the student’s participation information, grades, and even direct access to teachers, coaches, and staff. Arizona online schooling for high school provides all kinds of tools to parents at the touch of a button.

Statistics Show How Important Parental Involvement Is

Parents – regardless of did you know that statistics show that students that have parents involved in their education typically perform better academically, and have fewer behavior problems? Also, data shows that students perform better in school if both father and mother are involved, not just mom. This is true of traditional brick and mortar schools as well as Arizona online schooling for high schoolers. Surprised that you are so important to your student ’s educational outcomes? Don’t be – regardless of your academic achievements, you being there, asking questions, staying involved with teachers can really help your student succeed!

How Do You Support Arizona Online Schooling for High Schoolers?

Consider your roles as both the coach and the cheerleader! As the coach, it is important that you understand the game plan, and who has what job. Talk to your student’s success coach at Hope High School Online. Make sure you understand the personalized learning plan that has been created. Chat with your student’s teachers, and get specific tips on how to support your student. There is no question that you can’t ask or that would be considered a dumb question. If you understand how Arizona online schooling for high school works at Hope High School Online, who is on your student’s team, what job they have, and how to communicate with the team, you will be equipped to help your student navigate the world of Arizona online schooling for high school.

Practical Tips to Support Your Student

Online schooling allows students to study at a time that best fits their schedule and in a location where they are most comfortable. This is awesome – you know your student is safe, and that your family has the flexibility to adjust schedules based on family priorities. The flexibility of Arizona online schooling for high schoolers IS great, but it also can have a downside. The downside is that your student might have too casual of an attitude towards his/her academic responsibilities. This creates a tendency to procrastinate on meeting their weekly hours and assignments. We recommend asking your student to commit to a schedule that works and a location that is consistent and free of distractions. This helps students settle into good learning habits which will benefit them in high school and also for their future.

We Encourage Student Empowerment at Hope High School Online

The Hope High School Online staff and teachers believe in the future of your student. We take the responsibility to help equip your student for success now and in their future. Because of this philosophy, we strive to actively empower your student – to own their own success. You can help your student move forward to take responsibility for their educational outcomes by being there to support your student, answer their questions or seek help if you are unable, actively engage in his/her learning for about 30 minutes a day to be involved, asking questions about progress, any areas of need, and to find out what they are learning that they are excited about. This has a tremendous impact for the success of Arizona online schooling for high school.

This is where the cheerleader role comes in! A good strategy is that you should offer praise and encouragement twice as much as criticism or correction. You can use the “sandwich strategy”. Think about what a sandwich looks like – there is the bread, then the condiments, and then the meat, and then bread again. The bread is the encouragement – you start with it and end with it! And once your student knows that you recognize what they are doing right, they won’t be as defensive to hear what comes in the middle – the meat. This is the correction or criticism. Here’s an example:

“I am so proud of you – you picked a great spot for your school area, and I think the times you have picked for school are just right for you. It’s a great start. Now, I want to encourage you, because I noticed that you were thirty minutes late for your school time, and you didn’t stay thirty minutes later – you went out with friends. I know you want this to work for you. I know that if you buckle down and stay committed to your schedule, you will really be amazed at what you can accomplish! And I’m here for you if I can help you in any way – just ask.”

Arizona Online Schooling for High Schoolers Really Can Work!

Did you know that 4 out of 5 of our students go on to higher education? And that many of them came to us really struggling? Some had serious behavior issues, others were failing academically, some students have health issues, and others don’t want the stress of being in a negative or unsafe environment. Whatever your student’s challenges are, at Hope High School Online we find ways to help our students succeed. If you are reading this and need some parental encouragement, or some information to help your student, we invite you to call or e-mail us – we promise to get back with you as soon possible. We recognize the important role you play in Arizona online schooling for high schoolers.  We are committed to supporting you as you support your student. Go HERE for contact information that we hope is helpful. If it is not the right contact, just call and we can connect you with the right person. Go HERE to download our free information kit to find out more about why students succeed at Hope High School Online. And from all of us – thank you for entrusting and sharing your student’s high school education outcomes to us.

Source: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics


Simply put, no. Not all Arizona online high schools are the same. The similarity is that students are able to complete their classes in the online modality, but the approach to education at Arizona public online high schools can look different depending on the school. Check out some of the biggest differences below.

How Does Enrollment Work at Arizona Public Online High Schools?

Ongoing Enrollment: Some Arizona online high schools require that all incoming students start on their schedule. Some enroll every two weeks while others it is every week. At Hope High School Online, we enroll daily. Students do not have to wait to enroll or start classes once their enrollment paperwork is complete. They can get started right away!

What About Attendance at Arizona Public Online High Schools?

Daily Check-ins: Part of the reason that students choose to attend Arizona online high schools is for the flexibility. Students can log in from wherever they are and at whatever hours they choose. All Arizona public online high schools have a minimum number of hours required for attendance; however, students choose when and where. There are Arizona online high schools that require daily check-ins with teachers which can be difficult for some students given their life circumstances and daily activities. Hope High School Online does not require daily check-ins, but provides multiple opportunities for students and staff to interact.

How is Attendance Tracked at Arizona Online High Schools?

Automated Time Trackers: At Hope High School Online, students are able to log into their online courses and their time and progress are automatically tracked within the system. Some Arizona online high schools require that parents fill out daily or weekly time logs demonstrating the amount of time their student(s) are spending in their courses. Many Hope High School Online parents are happy to report that they do not have to remember to do this daily. Our system tracks and reports that time so that our school is always aware of our students’ accurate attendance.

Are Students Still in Classes at Arizona Public Online High Schools?

Asynchronous Learning: Some Arizona online high schools enroll students in classes with other online students. They work through the material weekly at the same pace. Many students aren’t comfortable with this model, hoping that at Arizona public online high schools they could go at a faster pace if they choose. Some students want to get ahead and graduate early. Asynchronous learning also provides Hope High School Online students with the individualized support that is sometimes needed. Teachers individualize their support per student because the classes are asynchronous and students are able to get the targeted help that they need.

Shopping around for an online school can be challenging to ensure that you find the right fit for your situation. Knowing the differences between online schools is essential to finding the best online school for you!  Find out more about the differences.  Download our free info kit HERE, use live chat on our website, e-mail us HERE, or give us a call at  602-663-8496.  We’d love to help!

Arizona homeschool for high school; Arizona high school at homeIs There a Difference Between Arizona Homeschool for High School and Arizona High School at Home?

Brick and Mortar, public, private, charter, and home-school are just some of the different schooling options students have here in Arizona. We are lucky to have so many choices for our students. Hope High School Online is of course an online high school.  We have parents and students who are not sure exactly what the differences are between Arizona homeschool for high school and Arizona high school at home. They are very different and it is important to understand the differences so that students are able to find the right fit!

Arizona Homeschooling for High School is an Increasing Popular Option

Many families have found that this is an excellent fit for them. Students can learn from the curriculum their parents choose and in the environment they choose. Parents can find the curriculum that they feel best meets their needs and even monitor their students’ learning. Although the curriculum can come at a hefty price sometimes, parents and children are able to create strong bonds while working around a flexible schedule. They are also able to provide their students with individual and personal interactions that they might not find in a large classroom. As a result of choosing Arizona homeschooling for high school, some families have also found that they are able to plan family vacations with a bit more flexibility while others have found it gives their children the opportunity to develop interests, talents, and hobbies outside of school.

Exactly What Are The Differences between Arizona Homeschooling for High School and Arizona High School at Home?

They both take place at home, right? If that’s the case, they must be the same! This can be a common misconception. One option for Arizona high school at home is an online school. Hope High School Online is an online schooling option, but it is different than homeschooling. While many benefits are the same, there are some differences. Hope High School Online allows students the flexibility to log in to their online curriculum at anytime, anywhere; however, there are minimum attendance requirements required by state law for Arizona high school at home. This requirement is helpful as it helps students to have accountability so that they finish courses on time and do not push back graduation dates.

Because Hope High School Online is a free, public charter school, students are still required to take state assessments. Although testing can present specific challenges, the information is extremely valuable in showing students, parents, and educators all they have learned. Attending an online school also yields the same benefits as Arizona homeschool for high school when it comes to family interactions/time, developing outside interests, and creating lasting bonds; however, it is free unlike homeschool curriculum. Online schools also have teachers who are available to support student learning. This added layer of support is helpful for students in mastering content and parents who desire additional expertise and support.

With so many choices out there, it is important to do research and be informed to find the right choice for your children and family.  You can read more HERE.  You can also download our complimentary information kit HERE.   And of course, please feel free to contact us directly by phone  or e-mail HERE.

Arizona Online Charter High School Parent Support

The popularity of free Arizona online charter high school has definitely been on the rise, providing students with an alternative to traditional high schools. Because they are new, many parents can feel weary about their students making the switch. Although the option is different from the traditional route, there is quite a bit of information out there to guide parents in supporting their students. Here are a couple tips from Hope High School Online, one of the best free Arizona online charter high school options:

Do your research! Make sure to research the various online schools available in your area or state. They are not all alike! Some online schools have open enrollment while others require you to wait for a start date. Checking the school’s’ attendance policies is also very important. There are some  requirements that include daily check ins and others that let the students work around their schedules. Help your student create a schedule that satisfies the online school’s requirements. This is an instrumental part of helping set your student up for success!

Create a schedule with your student. Creating and maintaining a schedule is the secret to success when attending an online school. Without a teacher in front of your student, it can be easy to put off logging in. The most successful online high school students schedule their days around logging into their classes. Parents play a vital role in helping students keep to their routines! Building an incentive program could also help motivate your student to work consistently in their classes. This will also help the students meet their deadlines and finish courses on time and gain ownership of their learning.

Check Available Academic Resources at Free Arizona Online Charter High School

Check the academic resources the online school has available. One misconception about online schools is that students do not have as many resources available. However, many online schools have extensive resources to support students in their learning or when they struggle. From video tutoring sessions to websites, and much more, online schools have really innovated the way they support students.

Communication is Key to Success at Free Arizona Online Charter High School

Communicate regularly with your student’s teachers and staff. Regular communication regarding student goals and progress helps to ensure that your student has consistent support. Parents and school staff can work together to motivate and congratulate students! It also helps when school staff are aware of any personal issues that could arise.

Talk with your student about what they are learning. Parents should talk with their students about their learning to reinforce concepts from their online classes. Sparking conversations also helps parents to “stay in the know” about their students progress and learning.

Parents play such a vital role in their student’s education. When parents have a strong partnership with their student’s school, it creates a support network that leads to success both in and out of the classroom!  Find out more about Hope High School Online by downloading our free information kit HERE.


Arizona online public high school success

Arizona Online Public High School is Growing in Popularity

Arizona online public high school is quickly becoming an increasingly popular option for students seeking something less traditional than the average local high school. Enticed by the flexibility and pacing of an Arizona online public high school, students are making the switch. But before making the switch, it is vital that students understand the common academic pitfalls. If these pitfalls can be avoided, students will be more successful as Arizona online public high school students….they might even be able to speed up their graduation date!

Arizona Online Public School Does Not Mean “Easy”

Do not assume that Arizona online public school means “easier”. Many young people are making the decision that traditional high school just isn’t for them. Times have changed, society is progressing, and students want something different. When enrolling in an Arizona online high school, some Arizona online public schoolstudents have the misconception that online high school will be easier and they will be able to graduate quicker. While students have the ability to learn at their own pace in the Arizona online public school environment, online students must have the self-discipline to consistently log on and work through their classes. Online high school isn’t an “easy way out”, but a different path to high school graduation. Hope High School Online staff strive meet students where they are and support them in getting where they want to be. Through support from their teachers and coaches, our students learn that online school might not be easy, but it is worth it. Students learn content in their Arizona online high school courses , but also learn incredibly valuable skills like time management, self-motivation and discipline, and the value of a productive struggle.
“I only need to put in a couple hours a week to be successful.” To be a successful online student, it requires more than a couple hours a week. Successful online students typically spend at least 25-30 hours logged into their classes per week. Although online students can attend school in their pajamas at home, they still have to “attend” by logging into their classes and working through the learning materials. The flexibility of online high school comes from deciding when students want to work in their classes…..anytime, day or night! Once students develop a schedule and a rhythm, they are able to steadily complete their courses. By designing attainable academic goals with staff, the students at Hope High School Online learn valuable time management skills which help them reach their goal of high school graduation.

“There’s Not a Real Teacher” for Arizona Online High School Courses

Arizona online high school teacher supportA computer does all the grading. There’s not a real teacher. Although online students log into their Arizona online high school courses on the computer, there are actual teachers on the other “end” of the computer. Daily, teachers are logging in and grading assignments and providing students with helpful feedback. Teachers at Hope High School Online will even be seen throughout the day working with students via Google Hangouts, video chats, or even on an old fashioned telephone! Arizona online high school teachers use technology to their advantage by using it to reach out to their students and provide help when needed.

At Hope High School Online, teachers feel that they need to get to know their students so that they can understand how to best support them in achieving their goals during and after high school. Never ever is it just a computer! Students need to teachers to learn. Technology facilitates the learning process, but could never replace a teacher!

Download Hope High School Online’s Complimentary Info Kit

Whatever the reason is that lead students to switch to an Arizona online high school, it is vital that they understand the possible pitfalls and how to avoid them to ensure their success as an online high school student.  At Hope High School Online, four of five of our students go on to higher education.  We offer personalized, empowering learning plans, a hands on, supportive staff, and award winning curriculum to engage our students and help them succeed.  If you are researching the benefits of Arizona online high school, you can read more about about it HERE.
For more information, download our complimentary information kit HERE. You can also reach out to us by e-mail us at or call us at 602-674-8344. We’d love to hear what your needs are and find out how we can help your Arizona high school student’s experience be a success!

High School graduation season is here and it is in full bloom! High School seniors are turning into high school graduates. We celebrated with the students at our Arizona online high school, Hope High School Online, as they were honored during the traditional graduation ceremonies. We believe that the celebration is just as important at our Arizona high school online as a standard brick and mortar school, and worked hard to make sure our students felt celebrated.

Hope High School Online students along with students from the other Blueprint Education schools celebrated their accomplishments. Hope High School Online is the Arizona online high school member of the Blueprint Education organization. As the students, families, and other guests filtered into the building, feelings of pride, excitement, and anticipation were almost palpable. As the ceremony started, the graduates lined up in preparation for their big entrance. Smiles lit up guests faces while many eyes filled with tears as students processed in and they searched to find their graduate in the sea of cap and gowns.

The speeches were top notch and nothing short of inspirational. As the speakers outlined their struggles, triumphs, and accomplishments, the words of our guest speaker stood out.

Arizona High School Online“We are not here to celebrate this moment, we are here to celebrate who you had to become for this moment to happen.” As she recounted her life experiences, she gave students sound advice about working to become who they need to be in order to pursue their dreams and accomplish their goals. It was nothing short of inspirational and motivational!

Arizona High School Online Sends Graduates Off With Best Wishes!

As Hope High School Online sends our graduates out into the “real world”, we are thankful that we get to be a part of their story and wish them nothing but the best as they use their high school experiences to shape their futures!