Keeping an Adaptive and Flexible Attitude

We Have a Team Working for You All of our lives have just gotten more complicated. Our new normal consists of a world where our homes have become our workplace, classroom, and social venue. There are always going to be situations in our lives that force us to change the course of our focus. The lesson … Read more

Growth Mindset: What is it and do I want it?

There’s a catchphrase, “Having a Growth Mindset” buzzing around these days. It seems banal at first thought, but after pressing in, it is very thought-provoking. A growth mindset drives motivation and achievement. These are two things we want to see in our students so they can be successful in their futures. How can we understand … Read more

Flexible Plan to Graduation at Arizona Home School

Arizona home school

Many students really struggle with traditional school schedules. Some students are trying to work and juggle school, and others need flexibility to help with the family. Other students may have medical issues, or even a family that travels. We understand, and it’s why Hope High School Online offers a flexible schedule with the necessary support … Read more

Community Service Transforms Arizona Online High School Students

Arizona Online High School Students Are Transformed by Community Service “I’m going to Hollywood!!”, exclaimed Stella.  Stella is a resident at a local senior community where Hope High School Online and Hope High School students provided manicures and makeovers. Students from both high schools came together as “Glamour Gals” to serve senior citizens. Stella was … Read more

Hope High School Online Staff Understands Struggle

The Hope High School Online staff is extremely supportive of our online high school students that struggle with illness.  Over the years, Hope High School Online has been a place of refuge and an opportunity for academic success for Arizona online high school students that need flexible education options because of their illness. The Story … Read more

Arizona Online High School Students Prepare for Successful Future

Eight out of ten Arizona online high school students at Hope High School Online go on to higher education.  There are numerous options for Hope High School Online’s graduating seniors.  College, vocational training, apprenticeship, career, job, community college, and military are just some of the possibilities for graduating  online high school seniors. At high school … Read more

Can An Arizona Online High School Truly Know Their Students?

Thoughts from Principal Horn About Hope High School Online – an Arizona Online High School As the principal of Hope High School Online, an Arizona online high school, I can simply answer that question by saying ABSOLUTELY! Why shouldn’t we still get to know our students, even if we are communicating through a virtual world? … Read more