Critical Thinking Skills Impact Accredited Online Arizona Charter School

Students gain valuable critical thinking skills while attending Hope High School Online (HHSO), an accredited online charter school in Arizona.  Learning at HHSO is more than memorization for a test.  Our teachers train students to analyze and understand the subjects they are learning, increasing their ability to internalize and use the subject matter.  This is a valuable tool that empowers HHSO students to succeed now and in the future.

What is Critical Thinking?

To thrive while attending our online accredited charter school in Arizona, students need to understand the difference between critical thinking and surface thinking.  Critical thinking empowers students to learn on multiple levels during online high school.  To practice critical thinking during classes, you have to intentionally move beyond simply memorizing and begin thinking critically. Critical thinking requires you to analyze, describe, and model information you are learning. This might remind you of the scientific method and is a similar process to gather information and learn more about a topic.

Practical steps to become a critical thinker include:

  • Gathering all of the necessary information to understand the topic.
  • After gathering the information, it is important to read it, taking notes, etc. to understand what you have read.
  • After reading and note-taking, the next step is to analyze the information and put it into proper priority.  For example, with an abstract math concept, there is a logical reason for each step to take.  However, if the steps are not taken in the correct order, the end result will not be accurate.  When you analyze and prioritize, you truly begin to understand what you are studying and why it is important.
  • Applying the knowledge is another step that helps you internalize what you have learned.  For example, a “hands-on” learner has to work the math problem on their own and watch the process unfold to internalize the information for the future.
  • Finally, once internalized, critical thinkers can put that learning into action to problem solve, because they have learned how to approach problems in a thoughtful way.

How Does Critical Thinking Affect You as a Student?

As a high school student that has learned to think critically, you can view and understand abstract concepts. This means you are capable of thinking in complex ways and use adult-like reasoning skills. This equips students to be successful academically, as well as make better decisions about life in general. Our accredited online charter school in Arizona is committed to empowering your success both now and in the future.  Learn more about our student support HERE.

Practice Moving Beyond Simple Thinking During Your Coursework at our Accredited Online Charter School

Practicing helps you internalize the process of thinking critically.  Your schedule at HHSO is flexible, so you can take the time to truly learn instead of simply memorize for the next test. Use your critical thinking skills to excel at your accredited online charter school classes. You will gain so much more knowledge that will be useful in your future college courses or career.

Students can practice critical thinking by-

  • Reading journals or other literary works that relate to the topic you are learning.
  • Writing out each step when solving a problem in classes like math, science, or chemistry.
  • Preparing for tests by not only memorizing information but also applying it in multiple ways, like drawing diagrams, creating compare/contract lists, or writing a short essay.
  • Writing every day is a fantastic exercise because it involves acquiring and analyzing information, logically communicating thoughts, and developing conclusions on topics.

Our Arizona Online Accredited Charter School Supports Each Student's Unique Educational Needs

At Hope High School Online, we have helped many students personalize their learning environment. We offer extra help in classes, advice on setting up a flexible schedule and provide the necessary support to help our students succeed. We are 100% committed to our students' success, and it is why we provide a supportive, personalized academic environment that helps students succeed.