4 Things To Help You Become the M&Ms Around The Peanut

Here’s a question for our online high school students... “If you could do anything you wanted to do and knew you couldn’t fail, (either now or after you finish your online high school) what would you do?” That question kept me up into the wee hours of the morning on many occasions. I LOVED dreaming of my future! Ironically, I don’t really remember my answers. (Well, I take that back: famous actress. I always wanted to be a performer in live theatre.)

I’m sure I never dreamed of “sandwich maker at Subway.” Or “front desk person at a chiropractic office.” Or “factory assembly worker.” Or even “Teacher” or “Blueberry Farmer” for that matter. I’m sure nothing I envisioned actually happened.

The trouble with that question is I never had the foundational belief that I could actually accomplish anything dream-worthy. It was always a question with an aura of: It’s just a fantasy. I never once considered I could design my own life. What I believed about myself was far less than my capability, and always less than my potential.

Leaders, teachers, mentors: (This is especially important for our online high school students) Many of the people you inspire don’t know how to feel worthy. Their stuck point is the foundational belief that they are the peanut on the inside, not the chocolate on the outside. You don’t buy peanut M&M’s for the peanut. For people like us, our value is inferior to what really matters.

Here are 4 things right now to help all of our online high school students make the most of their time at Hope High School Online.

1. Seek people who inspire you and give you lots of adoration and respect

2. Find situations where you feel valued

3. Drive yourself to a win or success or find someone who will support you

4. Surround yourself with trusting energy

I’m not saying it’s easy.
But the pay-off changes the world.

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