How to Stay On Track at Arizona School at Home During the Holidays

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The holidays are finally here! Thanksgiving was great, and now finally Christmas and end of year celebrations are near! However, all the time spent with family and friends during the holiday season can cause you to lose track of school responsibilities. At Hope High School Online, we want you to enjoy all of the wonderful … Read more

Our Arizona Virtual High School Helps Students Facing Bullying At School

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Being yourself, wearing the “wrong” kind of clothes, taking pride in a grade or assignment – anything can be picked on by other kids. Bullying leaves lasting hurt, and can negatively impact a teen’s academic performance. Nearly 50% of students have been bullied at school, and 70% of students have seen others bullied. In a … Read more

Thriving and Surviving With Your Teenager at an Arizona Online High School

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Remember when you first realized that your student needed a change from traditional high schools?  And you started looking at different options, including Arizona online high school?   A lot goes into the decision to choose a different type of education for high school. Taking advantage of free online high school is a great choice … Read more

Online High School in Arizona Supports Parents with Home School Online Free Resources

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Congratulations! You have taken a leap of faith and chosen to taken advantage of the high quality education at Hope High School Online. We realize you have many choices for online high schools in Arizona, and we are grateful you have trusted your student to the staff at Hope High School Online. Many families are … Read more

Arizona High School at Home Success Tips

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If you are involved in Arizona high school at home, or Arizona homeschool for high school, you may just be on the most rewarding, successful academic journey of your life! While some people believe that students engaging in Arizona high school at home are just “on their own”, it’s simply not true at Hope High … Read more

The Differences Between Arizona Homeschool for High School and Arizona High School at Home

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Is There a Difference Between Arizona Homeschool for High School and Arizona High School at Home? Brick and Mortar, public, private, charter, and home-school are just some of the different schooling options students have here in Arizona. We are lucky to have so many choices for our students. Hope High School Online is of course … Read more

Considering Arizona High School at Home?

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Are you a parent that is considering Arizona high school at home? There are many reasons parents consider homeschooling for their high school student. Some Arizona parents are concerned about the environment on high school campuses – bullying, quality of academics, exposure to drugs, alcohol, etc., and student safety on campus. Whatever the reason, Arizona … Read more