Maria Shares Experience at Hope High School Online for Free in Arizona

Do you ever wonder if there is a better way to learn during high school? Are you feeling bored, unchallenged, or struggling to keep up with your classroom’s pace? Hope High School Online is a free online school in Arizona that helps students personalize their education and learn at their own pace. Maria, HHSO’s 2019 salutatorian, was thrilled to learn she could control her education at our free online school in Arizona. Finding a school that accommodated Maria’s learning preferences allowed her to excel in her education and be a successful student. 

Maria Amplified Her Education at Our Free Online School in Arizona

Maria speaks highly about her experience at Hope High School Online during her graduation interview, available on our Youtube channel now. Her switch to a free online school in Arizona came after she was tired of being bored and not academically challenged at her traditional brick and mortar high school. In Maria’s interview, she shares how the faculty and staff at HHSO helped her every step of the way, providing the needed support when facing challenges. Maria enjoyed having the ability to contact her online teachers at any time if she was struggling in a course or with a concept. Whenever emotional support was needed, Maria always felt that she could reach out to her counselor for help. Maria’s advice for students thinking of switching to online school is to keep an open mind in order to encourage creativity and learning to manage one’s time. 

Hope High School Online keeps their students busy, motivated, and on track when learning at free online school in Arizona. Watch Maria’s interview graduation video HERE on Hope High School Online’s Youtube channel. Like and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with new, helpful HHSO videos!

Students can Choose an Exciting Career Path at Hope High School Online 

Maria is excited to start working towards her future career as a dental assistant. She will be attending a trade school. Hope High School Online helps students explore future careers with their partnership with West MEC. West MEC is a public school providing career training programs for high school students, including students that attend our free online school in Arizona. The programs focus solely on innovative careers and technical education, preparing students for the workplace. Reach out to our academic coaches for more information about West MEC or learn more HERE

Hope High School Online is a Positive Learning Environment for Students 

Did you know that 4 out of 5 Hope High School Online students go on to higher education? And that many of them came to us struggling, needing more challenge, or seeking a more positive learning environment? We are 100% committed to our students’ success – because we know our students are more than just a test score. At Hope High School Online, we personalize the support necessary to help our students succeed in high school and life!

Find out more about how we help students achieve academically and position them for future success HERE. Download our free information kit HERE, and find out why students succeed at Hope High School Online in Arizona. Never hesitate to contact us with any questions, we are here to help! Contact us by e-mail HERE, send us a text at 602-663-8496, call us at 602-906-4846, or find out more HERE. We look forward to helping you!