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Sometimes the traditional classroom environment cannot accommodate a students’ learning needs. This can be especially true if a student is struggling with health concerns. Students with chronic illnesses, injuries, or social/emotional challenges might need the Arizona online high school option to provide a flexible, supportive learning environment where their health needs can be more easily met.

How Arizona Online High School Works for You

If your student is experiencing health issues, he or she may also be struggling to focus in the standard classroom setting. Injuries and illnesses impact sleep. Chronic pain affects the ability to concentrate. Medical appointments disrupt school hours. These are just a few of the challenges parents and students experience when health issues impact the traditional high school experience. In an online high school environment, students have the flexibility to rest as needed, build their schedule around their health needs, and receive a high level of support needed to overcome the challenges. An injury or illness does not have to stand between a student and their academic success.

Learning From Home Accommodates Health Priorities

Where a student’s health is concerned, every student has a different set of priorities that need to be taken into account in creating an optimal learning environment. Students living with an injury, major illness, physical disability, or struggling with a mental health condition often wrestle with low academic productivity. This is understandable. At Hope High School Online, we identify the specific needs of the student. These needs are incorporated into their individual learning plans to structure a plan that is both accommodating and achievable.

For example, a student with an illness such as diabetes may need a strict diet. Injury can make it difficult for a student to navigate a traditional high school campus. According to the American College of Healthcare Sciences, rest is the most important strategy to speeding up recovery. Students facing health challenges need to rest in a dark, quiet environment when tired to promote healing. This is not always possible in a traditional school setting. Research focused on infectious diseases in children also points to early high school start times as detrimental to student health. At Hope High School Online there are no specific learning hours. This allows students to have flexibility in their lives to put their health first.

Learning at home can provide your student safety and protection to heal. If your student’s immune system is impaired, protecting them from exposure to contagious illnesses from other students is also a benefit. Deciding to enroll your student in online high school allows a student to make their health and education a priority.

About Hope High School Online

At Hope High School Online, we have supported many students who struggle with health challenges to be successful. We are 100% committed to our Arizona online high school students’ success. It is the reason why we provide a supportive academic environment that meets individual needs. We know our students’ success is more than just passing a test.

If you are still researching options for a student with health challenges, we encourage you to consider an accredited, free Arizona online high school to help your student succeed. We invite you to download the Hope High School Online info kit HERE. You can also chat live on our website, e-mail us HERE, or give us a call or text at 602-663-8496. Let us know how we can help. Find out more HERE!

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free online high school

Are you looking for a quality high school education that successfully prepares your student for higher education? High-quality high school education is a key foundation to prepare students for a successful future. Unfortunately, high-quality education often means private education which can be costly.

At Hope High School Online, a free online high school in Arizona, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to receive a high-quality education in a safe and supported environment. The best news is that the unique, positive high-quality education that Hope High School Online offers is absolutely tuition-free.

How Quality Education Prepares You For Higher Education

Learning skills can be perfected in a quality online high school that better prepare the student for their next step. Students tend to fall into a rut of memorization for tests but are not absorbing the information and learning. Memorizing without critical thinking causes students to be ill-equipped for the challenges of higher education.

Non-traditional learning tools help students to grasp complex concepts. When a student has control over their learning environment, they can draw on a whiteboard to map out a process, read and listen at the same time, or build a visual to help master the concept during the class. Non-traditional learning also helps ignite a passion for learning, which creates a desire for deeper learning.

Students Can Take Control of Their Learning in Online High School

To foster deeper learning, students can also make small adjustments to their study routines that can be beneficial for online high school education and higher education.

Setting clear goals when learning new material creates personal accountability and serves as a good time management tool. This can include breaking a lesson into learning increments, pre-testing, and review with a peer or parent.

A student’s unique learning preferences should drive them to explore other resources that expand their learning, including online resources like videos, peer collaboration through study groups, and dropping by the HHSO offices for additional input.

  • Seeking Feedback for Self-Assessment

Seeking feedback from teachers and staff can give students guidance on their progress. Feedback from safe, positive people leads to healthy self – assessment that can cause personal and academic growth. Learning to receive feedback is a vital success tool for a student’s academic future, career, and family.

We Create Success for Students At Our Free Online High School in Arizona

We’ve learned a lot over the years, and we encourage you as parents to take advantage of the learning tips we can offer about learning styles, aptitudes, goals, and even flexibility in scheduling for your student. We recognize the fact that every student is unique and we empower each student individually to give their best to their educational success. Read more about the opportunity to learn at a free online high school in Arizona through Hope High School Online HERE. Also, connect with us on Facebook HERE to stay up to date on parental resources.

High-Quality High School Education at HHSO

Hope High School Online (HHSO) is accredited through AdvancEd and is operated by Blueprint Education. HHSO is an Arizona charter school approved through the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools. Our courses meet state and national academic standards, and universities accept our courses for admission. Hope High School Online is ranked #1 in Arizona for ELA and #9 for Math based on AzMERIT rankings for alternative schools. You can find out more about our high-quality academic programs HERE.

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Arizona online high school

Does your student dream about going to college and need help reaching that dream? The teachers and staff at Hope High School Online understand the struggles students can face on the path to college. We are committed to providing the personalized support your student needs to succeed. At Hope High School Online, we have created unique learning tools and maintain a low student/teacher ratio to provide the necessary support that prepares your student for higher education and a successful career.

Supporting Your Student for Success

Students thrive when they have a rock-solid team in place that works together to support their goals and dreams. This support team can be made up of parents, teachers, and school staff. Each team member plays a vital role in student success. We value parental engagement and consider it a top priority to stay in close contact with parents. We also equip parents with practical advice for online high school and provide a weekly progress report.

Arizona Online High School Parent Tips for Student Success

Benefit of parental involvement:
Studies have shown that when parents are involved in their student’s education and lives, they perform much better in school, behavior improves, attitude is more positive, and students have better social skills. Getting to know your students’ teachers creates a relationship that furthers the support of your child.

Time spent together:
Establish regular together time and eat meals together as often as possible. This has been proven to improve grades because it lowers stress levels, creates positive relationships and eating habits, and students will refrain from the peer pressures outside the home.

Monitoring relationships:
Get to know your student’s friends. Parents who know who their child’s circle of friends and what they are involved in can protect them from negative influences.

The above parent tips can help provide your student with the positive support needed to succeed both in online high school and higher education.

Higher Education After Arizona Online High School

At Hope High School Online, we create individual learning plans for every student. These individual plans create a roadmap for academic success in high school. They ensure that parents and students are aware of the requirements needed to graduate and be accepted at a college or university. We help students and parents recognize individual learning styles – which can improve learning and testing outcomes. In preparation for future success, we provide guidance that enables students to identify aptitudes and clarify goals to map out a success plan for the future. By providing these tools, students are empowered to give their best to their educational success. If you would like more information about learning styles, visit our blog HERE.

4 out of 5 of Our Arizona Online High School Students Go on to Higher Education

We are committed to helping your student succeed. With 4 out of 5 students going on to higher education after online high school, the unique educational environment we provide is proven successful. We want our students to be prepared and ready to move forward after Hope High School Online as they strive towards higher education and a future filled with potential. We invite you to partner with us to create academic success for your student.

Setting Your Online High School Student Up For Success

You can read more about the unique success tools for our Arizona based online high school student success tools HERE.  If you have additional questions about Hope High School Online, please reach out to us by texting or calling 602-674-8344.

We also offer a complimentary informational kit that highlights what makes our Arizona online school students successful. You can download the complimentary info kit HERE.  Additionally, Arizona online high school enrollment questions can also be e-mailed to

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Arizona home school

Many students really struggle with traditional school schedules. Some students are trying to work and juggle school, and others need flexibility to help with the family. Other students may have medical issues, or even a family that travels. We understand, and it’s why Hope High School Online offers a flexible schedule with the necessary support to help our students succeed and graduate with a bright future ahead. Success also means giving families the flexibility needed to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

We look at success in the big picture. We believe that when families are researching Arizona home school, flexibility with support is one of the reasons families choose Hope High School Online.

Easing Student’s Anxiety and Stress Levels

A positive home school environment helps create successful academic outcomes. Higher stress levels can create the inability to concentrate on learning. We understand that the hard work and studying involved in school can cause stress and worry. It’s one of the reasons Hope High School Online has a low student-teacher ratio and a very responsive support staff. We want our students and families to be equipped with the necessary tools to ease anxiety and promote learning.

Every student has a personal learning plan to support progress, unique learning styles and individual schedule needs. Progress reports are sent weekly, and communication with parents is encouraged. We believe that responsive communication and support for both the parent and the student can also help stress levels decrease.

Empowering Students To Take Charge of Their Education

Empowering a student during high school provides useful preparation for the future. Parents have the flexibility to allow their students to set their school schedule and be responsible for it. Many students find that their learning skills mature in proportion to their personal responsibility. The setting really can help students to become self-motivated and increasingly responsible.

Research studies support the positive relationship between self-responsibility and academic outcomes. The opportunity that Arizona home school provides for students to own their educational outcomes can be very beneficial in improving outcomes in high school, higher education and career settings.

One of the primary goals of Hope High School Online is to prepare our students with the skills necessary to find educational and life success after graduation. Read more on empowering students on our blog HERE.

How A Flexible Schedule Benefits Our Students

Enrolling your student in an Arizona home school program, like Hope High School Online, has countless benefits that can change their view on school from a negative to a positive. Students can own their day, wake up at their own time, enjoy an excellent breakfast at home, learn outdoors on a beautiful day, or indoors in their own comfy chair! It’s quite a contrast compared to students that wake up way earlier than they want and only eat breakfast if there’s time before rushing out the door to school.

Having the ability to set up a flexible schedule that works for how your student is wired is one key to educational success. Students can learn responsibility for taking control of their day and their study time, and even enjoy the process!

About Hope High School Online – It’s About Success for the Future!

Did you know that 4 out of 5 of our students go on to higher education? And that many of them came to us struggling? Some had behavioral issues, others were failing academically, some students have health issues, and others just didn’t want the stress of being in a negative or unsafe environment. Whatever your student’s challenges are, at Hope High School Online we find ways to help our students succeed.

Find out more about how we help students achieve academically and position them to succeed in the future.  Go HERE to download our free information kit and find out about why students succeed at Hope High School Online.

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Arizona high school at home, Arizona homeschool for high school

If you are considering home schooling your student for high school, Hope High School Online can be a really great option.  The cost of home school curriculum can be challenging, but our curriculum is free because we are an Arizona state accredited charter school.   It is also award winning, and 4 of 5 of our students go on to higher education.  It can be the perfect solution so you can home school in Arizona online knowing that your student can receive high quality education in the safe, supportive environment of home.

Parental Involvement at Hope High School Online

The curriculum and teachers are online, plus there are caring counselors and support staff.  However, the role of a parent is really critical to a student’s success.  We encourage Hope High School Online parents to be very involved, and we find that our home school students do very well when they are.   We send weekly progress reports to parents, and our teachers and staff will support you and your student.  Our advanced online learning platform prepares your student for modern education, and gives you and your student the tools you need to succeed.  Who knew that home school in Arizona online for free could give you the best of both worlds?

Arizona State Graduation Requirements

Parents who choose home schooling need to be aware of state graduation requirements.  Choosing the correct coursework is key to fulfilling the state requirements.  The good news about enrolling at Hope High School Online is that we create an individual learning plan for every student.  It takes into consideration what the student has already accomplished and what coursework is needed to meet state graduation requirements.  Our students graduate with valid Arizona high school diplomas, and have received entry into numerous universities and colleges.

We Create Success for Students

Blueprint Education, the parent organization of Hope High School Online, is celebrating its’ 50th year of empowering students to succeed.  We’ve learned a lot over the years, and we encourage you as parents to take advantage of the learning tips we can offer about learning styles, aptitudes, goals, and even flexibility in scheduling for your student. 

Just like you as the parent, we recognize the fact that every student is unique.  We work hard to understand individual learning styles, aptitudes, individual hopes and dreams, and through customized learning plans, help empower each student to give their best to their educational success.

We also know that biological timeclocks are off for high school students in general.  This means that because of the physical changes high school aged students go through, they often are at their peak later in the evening, and not as alert in the early morning.  We offer flexibility for your student, and don’t have required times that the student must be online.  It’s another perk that comes with the opportunity of Arizona online home school for free through Hope High School Online.  You can go HERE to read some of the parenting tips, and also connect with us on Facebook HERE to stay up to date on parental resources.

Setting Your Arizona Online High School Student Up For Success

We are committed to helping your student succeed.  As a matter of fact, 4 out of 5 of our students go on to higher education.  We invite you to partner with us to create academic success for your student.   To download our complimentary information kit, go HERE.

You are also welcome to e-mail us HERE or call us at 602-674-8344.

A Mother And Teenage Daughter Looking At Laptop Together, Arizona online high school

Remember when you first realized that your student needed a change from traditional high schools?  And you started looking at different options, including Arizona online high school?   A lot goes into the decision to choose a different type of education for high school. Taking advantage of free online high school is a great choice for your student.

Working with Your Student for Success 

With your student enrolled, you may have your moments when you wonder what in the world made you choose this path.  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Not only do other parents whose students are enrolled in online high school have the same doubts as you, but parents of children enrolled in traditional high school have moments of doubt too.

Why?  Parenting teenagers is challenging.  Allowing your student to attend online high school shifts responsibility of your student’s success to their shoulders, and to yours!  So, the question becomes, “How are we going to succeed at this?”.

Understanding Your Teenager

Success starts with understanding the biology and psychology of a teenager’s mindset.  Biological changes, like brain function maturation, causes teenagers to become more independent and resistant to control.  Physically they have the capability to resist your directions and instructions and they become less compliant to commands.  They also emotionally desire more freedom. This doesn’t mean you have a “bad” kid – it means changes are taking place in them to prepare them for adulthood. This can impact the parent/child relationship and changes the way parents need to interact with their child.

Cooperation is a Key to Success

You get the overall picture – your student is changing and they don’t want to be told what to do when it comes to school responsibilities.  A good strategy for success is to move from command to consent by including your student in the process. This can happen by continuing to teach reasoning skills, time management, work ethic, responsibility, etc.

For example, have the conversation of what is still required of them when attending online high school instead of traditional high school.  There are still required courses, tests, projects, and even required hours your student must spend in online education.  Telling your student to sit at the computer from 8am – 3pm is most likely setting them up for failure.  

Engage Your Student in the Process

Instead of forced compliance, engage your student in the process.  Determine hours, location, and schedule that allows them to achieve.  For example, most teenagers biological clocks function better later than earlier.  A successful school day could easily consist of 10am – 12 noon, 2-6pm, and homework done in the evening from 9-11pm.  This schedule takes into account a teenager’s biological clock, average attention span, and the need for a break and exercise.  Let your student take advantage of this schedule if they believe it will help him/her.  This is the flexibility that online high school offers.

Consistency and Correction

To help your student succeed and you survive Arizona high school online, keep in mind that the end goal is to equip your student to succeed in life.  In a job, if an employee doesn’t show up or complete their work, there are consequences.  Agree in advance what the consequences are and be consistent.  You don’t have to argue or yell, you’ve already agreed, and your student was given the liberty to own their education.

Allow them to get back on track, as opposed to taking away their liberty to own their education.  For example, you both agreed to a flexible schedule and 7 hours a day of school.  At the end of the week, your student should have logged a minimum of 35 hours, and completed their assigned tasks.  If he/she did not, then the agreed upon consequence comes into play.  For example, there are no extracurricular activities on the weekend until the lost hours are caught up.  The student can then make up the hours and resume the flex schedule the next week. This can hopefully be motivation of wanting the weekend to be free.

Benefits of Online High School 

There are numerous benefits of online high school. Teaching personal responsibility, prepping your student for success in college, and owning a work ethic that will equip them for success in the workforce.

Don’t forget that you are not in this alone. The faculty and staff at Hope High School Online are deeply committed to your student’s success.  It’s why 4 out of 5 Hope High School Online students go on to higher education.  We are also committed to supporting you in your role, so don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or e-mail.  We are here to help you and your student survive and thrive!

About Hope High School Online

At Hope High School Online, we are 100% committed to our Arizona online high school students’ success.  It is the reason why we provide a supportive academic environment – because we know our students’ success is more than just passing a test.  If you are still researching your options for an accredited, free Arizona online high school, download the Hope High School Online info kit HERE, use live chat on our website, e-mail us HERE, or give us a call at 602-663-8496. We offer award winning curriculum, a safe environment, we support students and families, and our students succeed! Find out more HERE!

Arizona online high school, eliminating stress at Arizona virtual high school

As a high school student, regardless of whether you attend an Arizona online high school or a ground campus, big projects and tests are an inevitable part of the high school experience.  You are being prepared to succeed in life, not just high school, and both college and jobs require successful project completion and testing.  What is not inevitable is stressing out the last 48 hours before the project is due or the test date has arrived.

How Do You Eliminate the Stress, You Ask?

The first stress eliminator is to begin with the due date and work backwards.  For example, if your teacher assigns a project and gives you three weeks to complete it, your first step is mark the due date in your calendar.  Then, look at what the project requirements are.  Does it require research?  Testing?  And then reporting?  If this were the case, you could break the project into three portions, giving each portion 7 days to complete. Lastly, mark a deadline on your calendar.  By breaking the project up into smaller, more attainable goals, it is not so overwhelming. You also will feel accomplished at the end of each deadline and not experience stress out at the end.

Testing at an Online High School in Arizona

The above example can apply to testing as well.  Because you are an online high school student, your tests will naturally be online.  Most likely, your calendar is also online.  So, look at what content the test covers, break it into natural study sections or chapters, and then give yourself deadlines for each section.  Then, 48 hours before the test, give yourself study time to refresh what you studied at the very beginning.  By the time you arrive at the test, you will be prepared and confident.

Procrastination Only Causes Stress

If you are someone who puts stuff off because it’s too stressful, take note that you really are only putting off being stressed out.  If you don’t study, and fail your test, showing your parents a failing grade is probably going to stress you out.  At an online school like Hope High School Online, you don’t have to log in at a specific time, but you do have to complete your weekly hours on time.  If this is a problem for you, try breaking your school hours into sections just like the above example for tests or projects. Put the small sections of school time on your calendar, and complete them one day at a time.  At the end of the week you can enjoy your weekend without the stress of cramming.

Exercise Can Help

Because you go to high school online, you don’t have to take PE classes.  But your body still needs exercise.  Exercise is also a great way to reduce stress.  And, it’s the same drill – break it up into little sections. You could exercise 15 minutes two or three times a day.  Take a great walk, do some push ups, and then take another great walk.  Help your folks and walk the dog.  You will feel healthier which will also help you study better.

We hope these tips for success help.  And know that the teachers and staff at Hope High School Online are standing by, ready to help you succeed.  Just ask!

About Hope High School Online

At Hope High School Online, we are 100% committed to our Arizona online high school students’ success.  It is the reason why we provide a supportive academic environment – because we know our students’ success is more than just passing a test.  If you are still researching your options for an accredited, free Arizona online high school, download the Hope High School Online info kit HERE, use live chat on our website, e-mail us HERE, or give us a call at 602-663-8496. We offer award winning curriculum, a safe environment, we support students and families, and our students succeed! Find out more HERE!