Power to Overcome

By participating in this course, students learn how to prevent, recognize, and identify different mental health issues; how to navigate the emotions involved; how to seek resources for help with mental health; and how to help others in need do the same. Students are challenged to reflect on and learn more about their inner selves … Read more

College and Career Success

Now, more than ever, students are told they must be prepared for higher education or a career in a skilled profession. This course introduces students to a variety of educational and vocational opportunities and helps them identify which pathway will help them reach their goals. The content in this course provides instruction on skills essential … Read more

Leadership Development

In this course students will learn what it takes to hone their leadership styles and develop personal qualities that will enhance their ability to grow and sustain healthy relationships. By using critical thinking, good decision making, and hard work, students will begin to find both success and significance. The course begins with providing students the … Read more

Social and Emotional Wellness

Social and Emotional Wellness is a course designed to reinforce and empower a student’s overall mental health, especially in times of crisis or trauma. This course is designed to help students cope with difficult situations, self-soothe, and manage conflicting emotions. It seeks to give students the tools they need to keep their mind and well-being … Read more

Developing Purpose

Developing Purpose is a course designed to increase a student’s success in school, at work, and in their personal life. Instead of starting with what we want to do and how we choose to accomplish it, this course helps students unearth the purpose: why do we want to do it. When we start with our … Read more

Psychology A

This course introduces high school students to the study of psychology and helps them master fundamental concepts in research, theory, and human behavior. Students analyze human growth, learning, personality, and behavior from the perspective of major theories within psychology, including the biological, psychosocial, and cognitive perspectives. From a psychological point of view, students investigate the … Read more

Pre-Algebra B

The B Portion of this course continues from Pre-Algebra A. This course is designed for students who have completed a middle school mathematics sequence but are not yet algebra ready. Students will review key algebra readiness skills from the middle grades and be introduced to basic Algebra I work with appropriate support. By the end … Read more