Achieving Motivation, Part 2 – Choosing a Positive Mindset

Achieving Motivation – Part 2
Choosing a Positive Mindset

In the last article, Achieving Motivation, Part 1, we explored a few possibilities to develop an interest in school when your student isn’t interested. Having a “Sense of Control” is a wonderful tool to place the control back in your student’s hands. When it’s their idea with their interests, the probability of the buy-in goes exponentially up. A second tool we will unpack involves a “Positive Mindset”. In the second or this three-part series, we will discuss how one can choose to change their attitude and outcome in a real way by how they think about a challenge. This is a little different than one thinks so let’s take a closer look.

Having a Positive Mindset

How can the way one thinks about something change the attitude or outcome? Let’s break this down so it can be implemented often in our lives. The definition of a positive mindset simply is an optimistic attitude. How does one get an optimistic attitude? By taking chances, making efforts and believing your efforts will make a difference. This is the beginning of making a habit of a positive mindset in your life. Too often people will complain about their situation, but not do anything about it. Give your family and friends the permission to stop you in your complaining tracks and ask you the question, “What are YOU going to change to make it better?”

Another trait of a positive mindset is accepting your life/situations and being honest about it. Often people will ignore the truth and close their eyes to their mistakes instead of learning from them. There’s more energy used in keeping up the facade rather than to accept, change and move on with life. Accepting one’s life as it is today, learning and growing from it allows room for one to develop resilience to bounce back with their life. The setbacks aren’t so devastating which in turn protects our emotional state.

Gratefulness is our final characteristic in creating and maintaining a positive mindset. Do you look at the glass half empty or half full? Choosing to see a glass half full can change the course of a day. Verbally making grateful statements out-loud to yourself and others can be a recipe for happiness in your life. But it doesn’t just happen, you have to practice it daily.

So make a conscious decision to just start bringing a positive mindset into your life tomorrow. If you have been thinking of going back to school to get your high school diploma, look at Hope Hope High School Online as an option. You will find positive teachers and staff to assist you in this pursuit. Don’t wait, call tomorrow 602.674.5555 for more information. It will be life-changing. Be careful though…it’s infectious!