Amp Up College Applications with Hope High School Online in Arizona

Sometimes it may feel like you have to be a straight-A, harp playing, football throwing, multilingual student to make the cut for your dream college. Not so fast…. Hope High School Online in Arizona is here to help you be a competitive applicant for colleges. We work with you every step of the way to meet your educational goals.  We help you succeed when attending an online high school in Arizona so that you can attend the college of your dreams. With personalized, self-paced, supportive learning, you have all the tools you need to be a successful high school and college student! 

Stand Out as a Strong Student on College Applications


Academic performance is the foundation of a competitive college application.  The courses you take and your grades play an essential role in admissions decisions. With a quality online high school education at Hope High School Online, your academic coach and teachers will help get you where you need to be! As a matter of fact, four of five Hope High School Online students go on to attend college. 

The two best ways to showcase academic performance on college applications are-

-Grade Point Average

-Standardized Test Scores

Extracurricular Activities

Colleges want students who work hard for their education, but also have a well-rounded life outside of school. Participating in a few well-chosen extracurricular activities can add needed shine to a college application to make it more competitive. Excellent extracurricular activities are- 



-Community Service

-Jobs and Internships

Academic coaches at Hope High School Online in Arizona can help students get involved. Reach out to your academic coach today to find out more about extracurricular activities available for students at Hope High School Online. 

Awards and Honors

Get involved with an honor society or work towards earning an award from your online high school in Arizona. Awards and honors do not have to be solely academic! Being nominated for an award playing a sport, winning a prize in debate club, or being recognized for a science project are all viewed favorably to an admissions committee. 

College Essay

Grades and test scores are the opportunity to demonstrate that you are a strong applicant for college. Extracurriculars are a chance to show off a wide range of talents and skills. The college essay is all about the opportunity to illustrate authenticity and uniqueness. Be true to yourself and let your dream college know why you would be a great student to have on their campus. Make sure it looks professional, has been proofread multiple times, and remember to showcase who you truly are!

Hope High School Online in Arizona Prepares Students for Higher Education 

At Hope High School Online in Arizona, we offer two different diploma options to meet our students’ needs. The Standard Diploma is for students planning to attend a community college or trade school. The College Prep Diploma is for students planning to attend a 4-year university. The College Prep Diploma includes a higher-level math senior year and two years of a foreign language. See our College Prep Diploma requirements HERE.

We mentioned earlier that 4 out of 5 of our students go on to higher education? Many of our students come to us struggling academically, then turn it around and thrive here. We are 100% committed to our student’s success because we know our students are more than just a test score. At Hope High School Online, we find ways to help our students succeed in high school and beyond!

Download our free information kit HERE and find out more about how we help students achieve academically and position them to succeed in the future!

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