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This month, Timmy Stallon introduces one of Hope High School Online’s newest addition to the team  – Mrs. Schneider. Timmy Stallon (aka Mr. Watson, HHSO’s Social Studies teacher) introduces Mrs. Schneider on an entertaining Late Night episode available on the Hope High School Online YouTube channel. Please tune in to learn more about Mrs. Schneider and how her roots played a significant role in leading her to Hope High School Online, where she is making a significant contribution to the quality of online high school education in Arizona.  

Hope High School Online has the Best Online High School Teachers! 

Coming from a family of teachers, Mrs. Schneider always knew she wanted to teach students. Her lifelong passion for education led her to Hope High School Online, enjoying the flexible, modern teaching opportunity that online high school education in Arizona offers. As a Phoenix native, Mrs. Schneider has deep roots in Arizona. Her great-great-grandfather came all the way from Scotland and settled in Phoenix!

Mrs. Schneider leads a busy and fun life with her three kids and two dogs – a golden retriever and rottweiler. She enjoys keeping up with her kids’ sports – baseball, cross country, and BMX racing. Being very active herself, she loves cross-fit and running. We even learn about Mrs. Schneider’s time working at a local carnival every year as a kid where she would sell blocks of fries! 

What’s a block of fries, you wonder?  Watch Late Night with Timmy Stallon to find out and to learn more about Mrs. Schneider. Check out the video HERE. Stay tuned for more teacher introduction videos coming your way soon!

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The modern, flexible, supportive environment that Hope High School Online in Arizona provides encourages our students to discover their unique value, independence, and purpose. Our teachers and staff are always exploring new ways to better our educational offerings and student experiences during their online high school education in Arizona. We genuinely care about our students succeeding academically, and in preparing them to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives.

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