Thriving and Surviving With Your Teenager at an Arizona Online High School

Arizona online high school

Remember when you first realized that your student needed a change from traditional high schools?  And you started looking at different options, including Arizona online high school?   A lot goes into the decision to choose a different type of education for high school. Taking advantage of free online high school is a great choice for your student.

Working with Your Student for Success 

With your student enrolled, you may have your moments when you wonder what in the world made you choose this path.  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Not only do other parents whose students are enrolled in online high school have the same doubts as you, but parents of children enrolled in traditional high school have moments of doubt too.

Why?  Parenting teenagers is challenging.  Allowing your student to attend online high school shifts responsibility of your student’s success to their shoulders, and to yours!  So, the question becomes, “How are we going to succeed at this?”.

Understanding Your Teenager

Success starts with understanding the biology and psychology of a teenager’s mindset.  Biological changes, like brain function maturation, causes teenagers to become more independent and resistant to control.  Physically they have the capability to resist your directions and instructions and they become less compliant to commands.  They also emotionally desire more freedom. This doesn’t mean you have a “bad” kid – it means changes are taking place in them to prepare them for adulthood. This can impact the parent/child relationship and changes the way parents need to interact with their child.

Cooperation is a Key to Success

You get the overall picture – your student is changing and they don’t want to be told what to do when it comes to school responsibilities.  A good strategy for success is to move from command to consent by including your student in the process. This can happen by continuing to teach reasoning skills, time management, work ethic, responsibility, etc.

For example, have the conversation of what is still required of them when attending online high school instead of traditional high school.  There are still required courses, tests, projects, and even required hours your student must spend in online education.  Telling your student to sit at the computer from 8am – 3pm is most likely setting them up for failure.  

Engage Your Student in the Process

Instead of forced compliance, engage your student in the process.  Determine hours, location, and schedule that allows them to achieve.  For example, most teenagers biological clocks function better later than earlier.  A successful school day could easily consist of 10am – 12 noon, 2-6pm, and homework done in the evening from 9-11pm.  This schedule takes into account a teenager’s biological clock, average attention span, and the need for a break and exercise.  Let your student take advantage of this schedule if they believe it will help him/her.  This is the flexibility that online high school offers.

Consistency and Correction

To help your student succeed and you survive Arizona high school online, keep in mind that the end goal is to equip your student to succeed in life.  In a job, if an employee doesn’t show up or complete their work, there are consequences.  Agree in advance what the consequences are and be consistent.  You don’t have to argue or yell, you’ve already agreed, and your student was given the liberty to own their education.

Allow them to get back on track, as opposed to taking away their liberty to own their education.  For example, you both agreed to a flexible schedule and 7 hours a day of school.  At the end of the week, your student should have logged a minimum of 35 hours, and completed their assigned tasks.  If he/she did not, then the agreed upon consequence comes into play.  For example, there are no extracurricular activities on the weekend until the lost hours are caught up.  The student can then make up the hours and resume the flex schedule the next week. This can hopefully be motivation of wanting the weekend to be free.

Benefits of Online High School 

There are numerous benefits of online high school. Teaching personal responsibility, prepping your student for success in college, and owning a work ethic that will equip them for success in the workforce.

Don’t forget that you are not in this alone. The faculty and staff at Hope High School Online are deeply committed to your student’s success.  It’s why 4 out of 5 Hope High School Online students go on to higher education.  We are also committed to supporting you in your role, so don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or e-mail.  We are here to help you and your student survive and thrive!

About Hope High School Online

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