Go Green By Attending Arizona School At Home at Hope High Online

Arizona School at Home

Did you know that each student can consume an average of 90% less energy and produce 85% fewer CO2 emissions by attending Arizona school at home online? Not only is Arizona school at home a great choice because of the flexibility, self-paced studying, and learning from home, but it is excellent for the environment! Classroom time, material use, travel costs are all reduced when enrolled in free high school online. 

How to Be An Eco-Friendly Student at Your Arizona School at Home

Every day you can find schools, businesses, and people doing their part in making our earth a healthier place. Students in all grades, from kindergarten to college, use a lot of material and resources for their academic journey. But with Arizona high school at home, our students are reducing their carbon footprint just by deciding to learn from the comfort of their own home. Hope High School Online uses online books, so there is no need for paper books, eliminating a tremendous amount of paper waste. It is also a cheaper option for our students because we are a free Arizona school at home. 

Other ways an Arizona school at home student can be “green” are:

  • Recycling used paper reduces a student’s paper waste, even when learning from home. Check with your city recycling program to see what you can recycle in your area. 
  • If taking notes online is a suitable option for you, it can help reduce the amount of paper a student uses.
  • Turning off electronics, like your computer, when not in use saves a lot of energy. Also, remember to turn off lights when leaving the room as well to conserve energy and cut down on electricity costs.
  • Look for eco-friendly community service projects or volunteering available near you. Volunteering and community service are not only great ways to meet other students, do your part for the planet, but as a bonus looks great on college applications and resumes! 

Learning From Home Online Has Many Positive Benefits 

For families that are concerned about quality of education, negative peer pressure, safety, health concerns, etc., Hope High School Online offers the opportunity for free, high quality Arizona school at home. School from home gives parents and students control over their learning and environment. 

Hope High Online offers flexibility through asynchronous learning, allowing all students to learn independently at the most comfortable pace for them. Some students choose to work at a faster pace to graduate early, and some students love the ability to slow things down to fully understand the learning material. Parents, students, counselors and teachers all work together so that student learning plans are personal, and to ensure that students receive the targeted help they need. 

We Are 100% Committed To Our Arizona School At Home Students

Another Hope High Online benefit is ongoing enrollment! Students do not need to wait for an enrollment period to be apart of our Arizona school at home because we enroll daily. If you are interested in enrolling today, visit us HERE! Not only is school at home an excellent option for all students, no matter their situation, but it is also a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional schools. 

At Hope High School Online, we are 100% committed to our Arizona online high school students’ success. It is the reason why we provide a supportive academic environment – because we know our students’ success is essential. If you are still researching your options for an accredited, free Arizona school at home, download the Hope High School Online info kit HERE, use live chat on our website, e-mail us HERE, or give us a call at 602-663-8496. We offer an award-winning curriculum, a safe environment, we support students and families, and our students succeed! Find out more HERE


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