Our Accredited Online Charter School Believes in our Parents!

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Right now, you may be finding yourself spending a lot more time with your teenager. We love that amidst all the change and uncertainty society is feeling, a silver lining is that families can spend more time together. Of course, sometimes there will be challenges, but take this time to grow closer, and enjoy the … Read more

Getting the Most Out of Your Brain at a Free Arizona Online Charter High School

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Hope High School Online Offers Tips for Students Attending Free Arizona Online Charter High School You might have read this title and aren’t sure of what this truly means. Well, that’s why I’m here! As principal at a free Arizona online charter high school, the staff at Hope High School Online strives to provide tips … Read more

Is a Free Arizona Online Charter High School a Good Option for My Student?

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The popularity of free Arizona online charter high school has definitely been on the rise, providing students with an alternative to traditional high schools. Because they are new, many parents can feel weary about their students making the switch. Although the option is different from the traditional route, there is quite a bit of information out there … Read more

Free Arizona Online Charter High School Attends Student Leadership Day

HHSO Attends Student Leadership Day at Grand Canyon University Inspiring, motivational, fun, and helpful are all words to describe the Arizona Youth Leadership Day held at Grand Canyon University last Friday. Students from around the state gathered to participate in the event sponsored by the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family. The students participated … Read more