Working Towards Higher Education After Arizona Online High School

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Does your student dream about going to college and need help reaching that dream? The teachers and staff at Hope High School Online understand the struggles students can face on the path to college. We are committed to providing the personalized support your student needs to succeed. At Hope High School Online, we have created unique learning tools and maintain a low student/teacher ratio to provide the necessary support that prepares your student for higher education and a successful career.

Supporting Your Student for Success

Students thrive when they have a rock-solid team in place that works together to support their goals and dreams. This support team can be made up of parents, teachers, and school staff. Each team member plays a vital role in student success. We value parental engagement and consider it a top priority to stay in close contact with parents. We also equip parents with practical advice for online high school and provide a weekly progress report.

Arizona Online High School Parent Tips for Student Success

Benefit of parental involvement:
Studies have shown that when parents are involved in their student’s education and lives, they perform much better in school, behavior improves, attitude is more positive, and students have better social skills. Getting to know your students’ teachers creates a relationship that furthers the support of your child.

Time spent together:
Establish regular together time and eat meals together as often as possible. This has been proven to improve grades because it lowers stress levels, creates positive relationships and eating habits, and students will refrain from the peer pressures outside the home.

Monitoring relationships:
Get to know your student’s friends. Parents who know who their child’s circle of friends and what they are involved in can protect them from negative influences.

The above parent tips can help provide your student with the positive support needed to succeed both in online high school and higher education.

Higher Education After Arizona Online High School

At Hope High School Online, we create individual learning plans for every student. These individual plans create a roadmap for academic success in high school. They ensure that parents and students are aware of the requirements needed to graduate and be accepted at a college or university. We help students and parents recognize individual learning styles – which can improve learning and testing outcomes. In preparation for future success, we provide guidance that enables students to identify aptitudes and clarify goals to map out a success plan for the future. By providing these tools, students are empowered to give their best to their educational success. If you would like more information about learning styles, visit our blog HERE.

4 out of 5 of Our Arizona Online High School Students Go on to Higher Education

We are committed to helping your student succeed. With 4 out of 5 students going on to higher education after online high school, the unique educational environment we provide is proven successful. We want our students to be prepared and ready to move forward after Hope High School Online as they strive towards higher education and a future filled with potential. We invite you to partner with us to create academic success for your student.

Setting Your Online High School Student Up For Success

You can read more about the unique success tools for our Arizona based online high school student success tools HERE.  If you have additional questions about Hope High School Online, please reach out to us by texting or calling 602-674-8344.

We also offer a complimentary informational kit that highlights what makes our Arizona online school students successful. You can download the complimentary info kit HERE.  Additionally, Arizona online high school enrollment questions can also be e-mailed to

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