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Hope High School Online walks with students during their education and helps them find a unique purpose and passion for their future. At our free online school at home in Arizona, we offer many high-quality classes and electives so students can explore all their interests and possibilities. Learn more about the courses available to you at Hope High School Online HERE, and let us help you prepare for your dream career.

Students can Discover Innovation in The World of Science

A future in science offers students endless opportunities to invent, create, discover, and change reality as we know it. Scientists throughout history have developed life-altering inventions and theories that we still recognize today. Read more about three amazing scientists that changed the course of the world and motivate students to work hard for future success-

Albert Einstein: The Whole Package

Albert Einstein can be coined the whole package with his distinct look, witty personality, and major scientific cred. Einstein was unable to attain an academic position after his doctorate, so he worked as a clerk in the Swiss Patent Office.  He didn’t give up. That same year, he published four of his most famous works, one of which described the relationship between matter and energy summarized as E = mc2. Albert Einstein found his motivation to discover amazing things by considering what could happen under certain circumstances and letting his mind play with possibilities. 

Marie Curie: She Went Her Own Way

Marie Curie began her path with hurdles of being a woman and coming from poverty. After regular schooling, Marie was unable to further her education because women were not able to enroll in a local university at that time. Marie and her sister made a plan to attain the higher education they desperately wanted. Marie Curie was finally able to travel to the University of Paris, and there began working on the essential first steps to discovering that atoms are not the smallest form of matter, which eventually led to Marie’s discovery of radioactivity. 

Nikola Tesla: Wizard of The Industrial Revolution

Much of our modern electrified life is owed to Nikola Tesla’s lab experiments. Tesla designed advanced alternating currents during the electric age, enabling utilities to send currents over long distances to power American homes across the country. Nikolas Tesla developed the Tesla coil, a high-voltage transformer that transmits power wirelessly. Tesla once proposed a system of towers that could pull energy from the environment and transmit the signals and electricity wirelessly around the world. Tesla never completed this project, and claimed he invited a “death ray.”

Hope High School Online, an Arizona Free Online School at Home, Helps Student’s Find Their Purpose for Their Future

The great scientists of the past and present change the way the world exists. Do you have dreams of improving our way of life through science? Read more about the great scientists of our history HERE. Reading other’s exceptional accomplishments can motivate you to succeed at Arizona online school at home for free to ignite your future! 

Hope High School Online offers an empowering yet supportive self-paced academic environment that personalizes learning. Through our personalized approach, we empower students to own their educational outcomes. We believe this significantly contributes to academic success, and 4 out of 5 of our students go on to higher education.  

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