Arizona Public Online School Where Hope Changes Everything

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Hope: It Changes Everything at Our Arizona Public Online School How many of us have run into stumbling blocks in our lives? How many of these obstacles have almost been paralyzing…..have they shook life as you knew it causing confusion, sadness, fear, disappointment, and stagnation? Most of us have experienced something like this in our … Read more

Unique Educational Opportunities for Accredited Arizona Online High School

accredited Arizona online high school takes Arizona high school online students on field trip to Biosphere

Arizona High School Online Doesn’t Mean Learning Only at Home… Attending an Arizona high school online does mean that students complete their school work from home, but that certainly doesn’t mean they only learn from home! With so many places to go in Arizona, there are an incredible amount of learning opportunities!  The staff at … Read more

Are All Arizona Online High Schools the Same?

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  Simply put, no. Not all Arizona online high schools are the same. The similarity is that students are able to complete their classes in the online modality, but the approach to education at Arizona public online high schools can look different depending on the school. Check out some of the biggest differences below. How … Read more

Online High School AZ Students’ Go On Adventure to California’s Magic Mountain

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How many online high school AZ students can say that they go on field trips? Let alone, out of state field trips.  And, even further than that, an amusement park?! Online School AZ Students Take a Trip with Sister School to California Well, Hope High School Online can! Last weekend a handful of our online … Read more

Want More Parental Involvement? Our Online High School AZ School Offers Great Options!

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Parental Involvement is a Key to Academic Success At Hope High School Online, we believe that parental involvement in high school education is a key to academic success. As a matter of fact, research indicates that when parents are involved, students are more likely to earn higher grades, score higher on tests, and enroll in … Read more